Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost With Insurance

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wisdom teeth removal cost with insurance

You have recently visited with your dentist or oral surgeon, and the cost of wisdom teeth removal was astronomical. If you do not have dental insurance, you realize how expensive it is to get your wisdom teeth removed, especially under IV sedation.

If you do have dental insurance you may be asking yourself, “How much does wisdom teeth removal cost with insurance?” This is a great question, and we will delve into the specifics of it and break down the costs below.

What are wisdom teeth removal costs without dental insurance?

First, lets delve into how much you will have to pay your dentist or surgeon to have all four of your wisdom teeth removed without dental insurance. The cost of each wisdom tooth extraction will depend on if the wisdom tooth is impacted or not, and the level of impaction of the wisdom tooth.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Cost Without Dental Insurance

Type of Wisdom Tooth1 wisdom tooth removal2 wisdom teeth removal3 wisdom teeth removal4 wisdom teeth removal Erupted Wisdom Tooth$250$500$750$1,000 Soft Tissue Impacted Wisdom Tooth$350$700$1,050$1,400 Partial Bony Wisdom Tooth$400$800$1,200$1,600 Full Bony Wisdom Tooth$500$1,000$1,500$2,000

What are the costs of wisdom teeth removal with dental insurance?

There are a number of different insurance carriers that have a myriad of different dental plans that you or your employer will sign up for. For the most part, expect your dental insurance to cover around 50% of your wisdom teeth removal treatment costs.

Remember that not all insurance plans cover wisdom teeth removal, so please check with your individual plan to see the specifics of what is covered and what is not.

Dental insurance companies will contract with dentists setting up fees that your dentist or surgeon must abide by. For the most part, most out-of-pocket expenses for wisdom teeth removal range from $100-850 if you do have dental insurance. As you can see, having insurance can certainly help burden a lot of the costs of wisdom teeth removal.

wisdom teeth removal costs with insurance

What are the different types of wisdom teeth, and how will this affect my costs?

As mentioned earlier, wisdom teeth are defined by their position and level of impaction. Impacted wisdom teeth means that the tooth itself is embedded within your jawbone either completely, or partially. The deeper the tooth is embedded, the more costly it will be to remove. Below are the types of extractions you can expect to see at your local dentist.

  • Simple Extraction: this means that the wisdom tooth is erupted, and that your dentist or surgeon will be able to remove the tooth without any advanced surgical methods. Basic extraction instrumentation is used to remove these teeth.
  • Surgical Extraction: Similar to a simple extraction, these teeth are erupted and seen inside the mouth. Most times, however, small surgical incisions and removal of bone tissue may be needed to remove the entirety of the wisdom tooth.
  • Partial Bony Impacted Wisdom Tooth: If the wisdom tooth is embedded partially in the jawbone, and partially into the gum tissue, this is called a partial bony wisdom tooth. There removal is slightly most costly than the erupted teeth mentioned earlier.
  • Full bony Impacted Wisdom Tooth: This is when the wisdom tooth is completely embedded into the jawbone. These wisdom teeth are usually the most difficult to remove, and usually cost the most to extract.

Is IV sedation covered by dental insurance?

It is safe to assume that most people who are wanting to have their wisdom teeth removed will also want to be sedated for their treatment. In most cases, intravenous sedation will be covered at a percentage with your insurance plan (normally between 40-80% depending on the plan). Again, it is always prudent to check with your carrier to make sure that your plan not only covers wisdom teeth extractions, but also sedation dentistry.

Getting your wisdom teeth extracted is not on anyone’s wish list. It is an anxiety filled endeavor for most people, and can be a costly one especially if you do not have dental insurance. If you have any further questions on wisdom teeth removal and dental insurance costs, please contact our team at Best Dental today.

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