Who Has the Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Houston?

Houston, Texas’ biggest city, has insurance rates that tend to be more expensive than the state average. But you can still find savings by shopping around for your best rates. In fact, the cheapest minimum insurance policy costs $777 on average, while the most expensive minimum policy costs $2,405 on average, highlighting the importance of getting car insurance rates from multiple companies before making a decision.

Cheapest car insurance for a minimum coverage policy in Houston

Loya had the cheapest auto insurance quotes, with an average premium of $777 — nearly half as expensive as the city average.

The next best auto insurer for Houstonians is State Farm, which is around $14 per year more expensive at an average price of $791.

Qualified former and current military members should consider obtaining a quote from USAA, which costs $526 on average and is the cheapest overall insurer.

Given Houston’s high auto insurance prices, it might seem worthwhile and cost-effective to purchase a minimum liability policy. However, liability insurance won’t protect against the cost of damage to your own vehicle. If you get into an expensive crash, you won’t be covered by the minimum policy and will have to pay out of pocket costs to repair your car.

Cheapest company in Houston for full coverage insurance

Loya, State Farm and Geico have the cheapest minimum and full coverage policies, costing less than $2,000 annually.

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Drivers who are interested in switching from a minimum policy to a full coverage policy will see the smallest price jump with Loya. Loya’s full coverage policy is $444 more expensive on average than its minimum policy.

USAA had one of the cheapest full coverage policies, averaging $1,496 per year, but the company only insures qualified military members and their family members.

A full coverage policy can cost as much as three times more than a minimum policy. Paying more for a full coverage policy means that you not only meet the state insurance requirements but you will also receive comprehensive and collision coverage.

Cheapest car insurance for drivers with prior accidents

Nationwide, State Farm and Loya had the smallest premium increase for a driver with an accident history.

Nationwide, notably, has no price change following an accident causing $2,000 in property damage, according to our data. Loya and State Farm increased prices by around $300.

With insurance premiums in Houston already higher than average, drivers with an accident history have the additional challenge of finding coverage that won’t ruin their budget. Your accident history is one of the biggest factors that will affect your quote. If you’ve had an accident, insurance companies will likely raise your rates.

You can lessen the impact of an accident on your rates by taking advantage of your insurance company’s discounts that you may already qualify for. You can receive discounts for having anti-theft gear installed in your car, wearing seatbelts or taking defensive driving courses.

Cheapest full coverage auto insurance for young drivers

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Auto insurance rates are higher for young and inexperienced drivers than for older drivers. Teens and young adults are more likely to be involved in an accident because they have less driving experience and are therefore seen as more risky investments to insurance companies.

The most affordable insurance companies for the average 18-year-old driver are State Farm and Geico, which have premiums under $6,000 per year.

USAA is by far the cheapest insurer, costing under $3,000 per year. We recommend that former and current military members and their family members reach out to USAA for a quote.

Insurance for young people is expensive, but you should still reach out to several insurers to receive quotes. If you find that quotes are still too expensive even after contacting multiple companies, you can:

Best car insurance company in Houston

The best insurance company will have not only affordable prices but also high-quality customer service. That means fast processing times, 24/7 customer service and open communication. The best Texas auto insurance companies with the strongest customer service, measured by the frequency of customer complaints, are Farmers, Chubb and Travelers.

When deciding which insurer to rely on, you need to strike a balance between service and cost. Loya, which has the most affordable minimum and full coverage policy, is listed as having the worst customer service out of 14 insurers. Many customers cited a lack of returned calls or long claims resolution as a reason.

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It’s crucial that you ask yourself which company will not only get you the best savings but also ensure that your problems are being taken care of.

A low complaint index indicates that consumers filed complaints about a given company to Texas state regulators less frequently than others, adjusted for market share.

Cost of car insurance in Houston by neighborhood

Car insurance rates will actually vary depending on which part of Houston you live in. For instance, drivers in Addicks, one of the more inexpensive areas, have average rates that are $144 cheaper than in Sharpstown, the most expensive neighborhood. Even if you live in an expensive neighborhood, you can still find affordable auto insurance if you shop around. Getting quotes from multiple local insurers increases your chances of getting good auto insurance rates.

Auto insurance agents in Houston and Harris County

While many insurance companies like Geico and Progressive let customers get quotes as well as purchase policies online, most companies still want customers to buy policies from agents. That means speaking to one on the phone or in person. We found several insurers and agents around the Houston area:

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Our sample driver is a 30-year-old single man with poor credit and no accident history and drives a 2015 Honda Civic EX. Rates are for minimum policy auto insurance from the top insurance companies in Houston.

For full coverage policies, coverage included:

ValuePenguin’s analysis used insurance rate data from Quadrant Information Services. These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes may be different.

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