White Rims On A Grey Car? What Alternatives Can I Get?

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Choosing white rims for your grey car can be overwhelming, especially when you want to keep the sophisticated look of your beautiful ride. “White rims to match my grey car, or what color should I choose?” is the question that automatically comes to your mind.

This blog post discusses the aesthetic of white rims on your grey car. It also highlights some timeless principles of color and design theory and several other suitable options for car rims.

You will learn what rim colors are alternative choices to go with your grey car, the sharp colors to try, and the cool hues to work with.

White rims

This is not a color you would rush into. If you have decided to go for white rims, you need to be very thoughtful with the process. This color can easily be manipulated, so you need to be very careful. Although white rims may give your car a complete look, they might contrast with grey.

White rims on a grey car might do it for you if it is intentional and personal. However, you should be aware that putting white rims on a grey would provide a very contrasting look. While grey is very subtle and has a gentle tone, white rims make it noticeable.

White rims are also very expensive, such that they would demand much of your time, attention, and money. They will also need constant upkeep if you want to maintain good-looking rims. You may like to give it some thinking.

But below are many other alternatives to pick from. So let’s go ahead and explore each one of them.

What other rim colors best suit a grey car?

  • Black
  • Gunmetal
  • Silver
  • Blue
  • Chrome
  • Red
  • Bronze
  • Gold
  • Red
  • Multiple colors
  • Graphite wheels

These colors work great with a grey car, and they all have different ways of making an impression when teamed with grey. Let’s examine them in detail and how to pair them with your gray car.


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Everyone knows black as a go-to color for everything, not just cars. In this context, do black wheels go well with grey cars? Yes. Do they look good? Also, yes. Is it the right choice for you? Well, a lot of decision-making would go into this part. Black is a neutral color, and it fits perfectly.

If you want to maintain a minimalist look while remaining classy, you should go with black. Any finish would look suitable for black rims, but you can opt for a metallic finish if you want to switch it up a little.

And on the other hand, a satin finish would also seal the deal. So, black rims on a grey car? Definitely. They make your car look top quality and give it a stealthy look.


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This is more like black but with a stealthier finish. If you think going with black might come off as casual, then gunmetal is the way to go. It is the perfect choice if you are not a fan of black and silver.

Gunmetal rims are a luxurious choice, and the proper matte brushed finish will take your car to the next level. This color is also not extra flashy, so it goes perfectly well with grey. With gunmetal rims, your car is guaranteed to look all sporty and ready.


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The silver rims on a grey car are the most commonly used. This is because they go so well together. When picking rim colors, you can rarely go wrong with silver; consider it your safe choice.

In most cases, your car would likely come with silver rims when you first get them from the dealership. If this is the circumstance, count yourself fortunate. This means you don’t have to go through the hassle of changing your rims which would cost extra.

The fact that silver rims are commonly used can only mean one thing – they go great with cars. It does not indicate that they are monotonous. Silver rims would give your grey car a feel of elegance. It also throws in a clean and expensive look.


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Darker shades of blue would go perfectly with a grey car. Magnesium blue is an excellent choice if you go for blue rims. Its vibrant tone and gentle shades fit grey cars well. You could also add a little bit of decal, and you are good to go.


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The level of elegance that chrome rims are capable of adding to your car is phenomenal. Your car is sure to pass through a quality level of modification when you decide to go for gold rims.

The chrome hue is perfect if you are going for a vintage look but still maintaining trendy. It is also an ideal match for a grey car; the colors compliment each other well.


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Bronze rims would make your car look like a sports car. You would bag the title of having the most fabulous car on the block when you pair your grey car with bronze rims. They are not too much, just the right amount of elegance needed for your car.

If you are a fan of driving a car that makes a literal statement, then this is a perfect choice for you.


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Gold rims will add a considerable difference to your car. It takes your car from basic to top-tier real quick, and it goes well with grey cars too. When going for gold rims, you could use some black accents to improve the overall look.

Gold rims on a grey car complement well and create a uniform look. It is also a vibrant color that stands out well but at the same time maintains sophistication.


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Asides from being a perfect duo, it also gives room for dynamism. If you intend to put decals on your car, then pairing them with red rims would come as a plus.

The different hues of red rims would also work well with your grey car. Darker shades of red are also a better choice to pair with a grey car. They give your grey car a sophisticated look when it is in motion.

Multiple colors

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Multi-color rims could also be the perfect touch for your car. However, since we are working with grey cars, you might want to make it as subtle as possible. A superb way to accomplish this is to use one color for the rims and make outlines with black or darker colors. This would change the entire look of your car for the better.

Alternatively, you may also use a darker color for some lovely patterns on the rim while you make a contrasting pattern with varying colors. This is guaranteed to make your car the charm of the town.

Graphite wheels

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Graphite wheels are an excellent complement for any car, especially grey cars. Graphite is a favored color for car rims, and they look sleek in every setting. They are a sophisticated choice for your car. They are also very durable and are easy to repair.

Alloy Wheels

Aside from all of its technical qualities, one significant advantage of the alloy wheel is its looks. The way it fits your car is enough to make or seal the deal. It enhances the car’s overall looks all while boosting its road presence.

There is so much more to alloy than meets the eye. It is a perfect choice when choosing the best for your car, and it looks good too. Alloy wheels are also rust-proof, so you can rest assured your expenses would not be through the roof when you go for alloy. If you live in coastal areas where surface corrosion is recurrent, worry is unnecessary.

Dark wheels or light ones?

This decision depends mainly on your style. If you happen to be a minimalist and very subtle, you should probably go for some of the dark wheels suggested above. Dark wheels are also known to be slick and classy. The rate with which you would clean the dust brake off is also limited. Your car is supposed to be comfortable, so you would not want a car that contrasts your usual style.

However, if you are a fan of dazzling items, go light. Light wheels would allow the patterns on your rims to be more prominent and properly accentuate all of its unique features.

Depending on your taste, whatever decision you decide to go for is perfect.

Bottom Line

White rims are not bad but using them will depend on your preferences. Changing your rims would mean changing the entire look of your car. It would add a lot of visual appeal to your car and give it an elevated style.

All the above recommendations are to best suit your sophisticated style. They have been put together with close consideration to aesthetic, safety, size, and style.

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