When Hail Damage Totals Your Car, We Come in to Fix it

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Is Hail Damage Severe Enough to Total a Car?

Hailstorms are unpredictable, unfortunately, and so is the damage they bring. A question that often comes into play is “can hail damage total a car?” The short answer is, yes. However, that isn’t always the case. A hail damage totaled car is indeed a less frequent sight. In most instances, the damage to the car is repairable.

In worst-case scenarios, when a hail damage totals your car, it can be sold off for salvage value so that it isn’t a complete loss.

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The Primary Kinds of Hail Damage

The damage caused by hailstorms won’t look identical every single time. While you don’t have to expect a hail damage totaled car every time there’s a hailstorm, the intensity of the storm will determine the extent of the damage. Hail damage comes in the following forms:

№1 Cosmetic Damage with Intact Paint

This is usually minimal damage and far from a car being totaled from hail damage. You’ll notice small dents in your car without any damage to the paint. This can be treated easily through the removal of these dents and paint.

№2 Cosmetic Damage with Scratched Paint

This type of hail damage would most probably lead to a replacement of the affected exterior. This type of damage occurs when the hail has caused dents as well as damaged the paint. Such an amount of hail damage will not total your car, however.

№3 Severe Damage with Intact Paint

In this case, you’re quite close to a hail damage totaled car since the mechanical systems underneath the exterior have taken extensive damage. The paint, however, still remains intact, and can be fixed with paint as well as dent removal.

№4 Severe Damage with Scratched

In this situation, the car has sustained mechanical damage as well as exterior damage. The car has come quite close to becoming a hail damage totaled car and would need extensive repairs to the exterior as well as the mechanics.

What You Should Do If Your Car Has Been Damaged During a Hail Storm

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re stuck in a hailstorm and your car has suffered hail damage, be sure to do the following:

✓ Stay Safe

The first priority for any driver should be safety. This pertains to both their personal well-being and that of their car. There is a very small chance of your car being totaled from hail damage if the hail is smaller. However, if the hail is larger, be sure to get to a sheltered area as soon as possible before your car is totaled from hail damage. Park somewhere safe, and wait it out till the hailstorm clears.

✓ Evaluate the Extent of the Damage

Once you’ve reached a safe space away from the hail, the next step should always be to analyze the damage that’s been caused. This will help in planning the way forward. Carefully evaluate the damage to see if your car has been totaled from the hail damage or are there just minor dents.

✓ Check Your Insurance Policy

Most insurance policies don’t cover hail damage. Even if your car has not been totaled from hail damage, go through your insurance policy before jumping to a plan of action and submitting a claim. When opting for the insurance policy altogether, it’s always better to ensure that it also provides “comprehensive” coverage. In that case, submitting a claim for a hail-damaged car or a hail damage totaled car would be valid.

✓ To Repair or Not to Repair

In case of a hail damage totaled car, before you move onto the repair part, there are a few important things to consider:

  • Appearance In case the damage to the car has been minimal and it still looks in good shape, a repair is recommended.

  • Resale Value If your car was in good condition and the hailstorm alone has caused the damage, repairs will maximize the resale value of your car.

  • Structural Damage If structural damage has been caused, your car has been totaled from hail damage, and you plan to keep it around, that may not be the best idea.

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If you wish to get repairs for your hail damage totaled car, you’ll want to reach out to a reliable hail damage repair service.

Contact United Hail Pros

If you and your car have fallen victim to a hailstorm and your car has been totaled from hail damage, you need top-notch repair services. If that is the case, we’re more than happy to tell you that we are offering our services in Colorado.

At United Hail Pros, we’ll have your car looking as good as it previously did in no time. Catering to a hail damage totaled car is no different.


  1. How much does hail damage affect car value? If your car has not been totaled from hail damage and opt for dent-less repair for filing a claim, it won’t impact the value of your car even remotely. This is because it won’t show up on your car’s CARFAX report. However, even minor hail damage could bring down the resale value to a large extent if you choose not to get repairs. It may not be a hail damage total loss but it would still impact the value of the car.
  2. How do you fix hail damage? Minor cosmetic damage won’t give you a hail damage totaled car and can be easily fixed through paint and dent removal. Severe damage, however, would require extensive repair in form of exterior replacement and mechanical fixes. It should be noted that your car can be totaled from hail damage.
  3. How is hail damage assessed on a car? Your insurance company will send a representative to analyze and evaluate the hail damage caused to your car or if your car has been totaled from hail damage.
  4. Will hail damage total my car? This, as mentioned earlier, depends on the severity of the hailstorm you experienced. However, it is very much possible that your car can be totaled from hail damage.
  5. What happens if my car is totaled out from hail? If your car has been totaled from hail damage and the cost of repairs is too high, one option is to turn to your insurance provider. They can purchase it from you at salvage value.
  6. Will my insurance rates go up due to total hail loss? Hail damage won’t result in a total loss and will not affect your insurance rates directly. However, a claim would only be possible if you have comprehensive insurance coverage.
  7. How will the insurance company determine a total hail loss? A car will be declared totaled from hail damage when its cost of repairs along with its salvage value is higher than the actual cash value of your vehicle.

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