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  1. What Exactly Is Hotshot Auto Transport?
  2. A Safer Ride For Your Car
  3. Why Hotshot Auto Transport Cuts Down On Shipping Times
  4. What Kinds Of Vehicles Can Be Shipped Using Hotshot Auto Transport?
  5. Is Hotshot Auto Transport More Expensive Than Other Services?
  6. Is There A Limit To How Many Cars Can Be Shipped Via Hotshot Transport At Once?
  7. Why Don’t More Shipping Companies Offer Hotshot Auto Transport?
  8. Exploring The Option Of Hotshot Auto Transport

When it comes to having your car shipped, there are more options than you may have ever believed possible. Every situation is different, which makes the abundance of customization options a blessing for those in a rush or experiencing particularly difficult relocations. One of the most common requests from those having their cars shipped is an expedited timeline. Auto dealers and consumers alike feel the pain associated with waiting for their vehicles to arrive via a transport service, and that’s why a special brand of auto transport has gained popularity: hotshot.

Though this type of transport has gained a good deal of traction, many people still don’t understand what exactly hotshot auto transport is, and how it could potentially make their lives simpler when it comes time to ship a vehicle.

What Exactly Is Hotshot Auto Transport?

Simply put, hotshot auto transport is a lot like any other door to door auto transport service that A-1 Auto Transport offers, except it occurs on a much faster scale. While cars are often placed in groups of 8-10 on large trailers, hotshot auto transport utilizes smaller trailers, usually only holding around 4 vehicles.

This is the essential brilliance of hotshot auto transport. By using a smaller trailer that holds fewer cars to complete the shipment, there are significantly fewer pickups and drop-offs, which saves a large amount of time at the front and back end of the transport process. The concept of hotshot auto transport is so simple it’s a wonder that more transport services don’t offer it to consumers.

Hotshot auto transport has become an interesting niche within the trucking industry. Companies willing to forgo the profits associated with much larger shipping trailers have an opportunity to fill a much-needed space in the auto transport industry, and it comes with a host of benefits.

A Fast And Safer Ride For Your Transport

A Safer Ride for Your Car

Hotshot transport isn’t just a faster option, it’s also safer for your vehicle. This benefit is something of a no brainer: when fewer vehicles are placed together on a trailer, there’s less chance of your car sustaining damage in the event of an accident or a shift of some sort. For those who are shipping their cars due to the fact that they’re too high quality to drive long distances, this is an especially appealing aspect of hotshot auto transport. No one wants to worry about the condition in which their vehicle will arrive after they have it shipped, and hotshot auto transport is one of the best ways to provide peace of mind.

Why Hotshot Auto Transport Cuts Down on Shipping Times

As mentioned above, by far the biggest reason that anyone chooses to have their vehicle shipped with a hotshot auto transport service has to do with the amount of time it takes for the vehicle to arrive. It might seem counterintuitive to use a smaller trailer when you want your car to reach you faster, but that’s precisely the way hotshot auto transport works.

The concept is really quite simple. Imagine that you work for a messenger service, where you pick up packages and hand-deliver them to the recipients as soon as possible. Will all of your recipients receive their packages faster if you’re delivering two items to two different people, or twelve items to twelve different people? Obviously, the fewer packages and recipients, the faster the items will be delivered. The same logic applies to auto transport.

Because so many services, like A-1 Auto Transport, offer door to door vehicle shipping, there’s a great amount of time sunk into picking up and dropping off vehicles. Since an average trailer might hold up to 10 cars, it’s not hard to see where hours are spent on the pick up and drop off process alone. With hotshot auto transport, the smaller trailer translates to fewer pick ups and drop offs.

With the driver forced to make fewer detours, it’s significantly easier to expedite the shipping process for any vehicle.

All Kinds Of Vehicles Can Be Shipped With Hotshot Auto Transport

What Kinds of Vehicles Can Be Shipped Using Hotshot Auto Transport?

The short answer is that basically any vehicle that can be shipped with regular auto transport can be shipped using hotshot auto transport. A-1 Auto Transport offers an incredibly wide range of car shipping services, so if you’ve utilized one of them before, you can safely bet that your vehicle is also eligible for hotshot auto transport.

Bear in mind once again that hotshot auto transport uses much smaller trailers than other types of traditional auto transport. This means that if your vehicle is especially bulky, you’ll be capitalizing on a larger portion of the trailer than if you were shipping a compact car or a motorcycle, which can translate to a higher cost in some cases.

Is Hotshot Auto Transport More Expensive Than Other Services?

In a world where expedited shipping almost always comes at a premium, you’re probably conditioned to believe that you’ll pay an arm and a leg for a shipping option that’s faster than others. Though this is sometimes the case, that’s not strictly true when it comes to hotshot auto transport.

The fact that this particular shipping service isn’t especially expensive makes sense when you break it down logically. Hotshot auto transport isn’t putting any additional strain on the driver or the company providing the service. They’re simply performing the delivery as they normally would, but with a smaller group of vehicles in tow. Because of this, hotshot auto transport often doesn’t come with a much higher price tag than ordinary auto transport. Of course, this isn’t a hard and fast rule, and there are always extenuating circumstances, but don’t count yourself out from being able to afford hotshot auto transport before fully exploring the option.


Is There A Limit to How Many Cars Can Be Shipped via Hotshot Transport at Once?

Some consumers think that, because the trailer used for hotshot auto transport is so much smaller than a traditional one, there’s a limit on the number of vehicles they can ship at a single time. Different situations call for different stipulations but generally speaking there’s no special limit placed on the number of vehicles you can ship as part of a hotshot auto transport service. In fact, it’s only easier for the driver and transport service if you take up more space on the trailer. The more vehicles going to a single destination, the faster and easier the entire shipment can be completed. In turn, hotshot auto transport might be an especially good option if you have several cars you’d like to have shipped safely and quickly to a new destination. Obviously, this means that hotshot auto transport sometimes isn’t a viable option for dealerships and large scale car enthusiasts, but these are isolated situations that don’t apply to most regular consumers.

Why Don’t More Shipping Companies Offer Hotshot Auto Transport?

As with anything in life, trends tend to follow the money in the world of transport. This means that transport companies often invest heavily in larger trailers because they’re the easiest and fastest way to turn a profit. A-1 Auto Transport has a different perspective on the services we offer, though.

We believe that if we can offer a more diverse range of services that meet the needs of every potential client, we’ll be repaid with repeat customers and loyalty. So although we might not turn the largest profit from offering hotshot auto transport, we provide a valuable service that keeps our clients returning and recommending us to their friends, families, and colleagues. Though it’s hard to find fault with the transport companies that don’t offer hotshot auto transport as they’re simply trying to survive, A-1 Auto Transport feels that providing a diverse range of services is more important than making the maximum amount of money possible off of every single delivery.

Hotshot Auto Transport Might Be The Right Option For Transporting Your Car

Exploring The Option of Hotshot Auto Transport

If you have a car, or two, or three that you need shipped across the country or across the state, hotshot auto transport might be the right option for you if you value speed and security. We’re happy to talk you through all of the different shipping options until we settle on the one that most effectively meets your needs.

If you’re interested in learning more about how hotshot auto transport might be the right shipping option for your vehicle, reach out for a free quote from A-1 Auto Transport today.

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