What Is a Waterless Car Wash? Everything You Need to Know (Updated 2022)

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Water is one of Earth’s most precious resources, yet we waste it daily on menial tasks. For example, even washing our vehicles often uses much more water than necessary, especially if they are driven frequently.

That’s where waterless wash products come in. Surprisingly, such products provide a much less wasteful and far more convenient way to clean your vehicle without the need for endless buckets of water. Follow along to discover the process of using a waterless wash.

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What Is a Waterless Car Wash?

A waterless car wash also referred to as no water car wash and spray-on car wash, is a product that can produce the same results as water, but without using water and often in less time.

Rather than using gallons of water with a hose or pressure washer, you can apply the waterless wash right on the paint and wipe it off. The only water you’ll be using is a small amount to wash the towels you used.

How Does a No Water Car Wash Work?

As the name suggests, a no water car wash allows you to wash your car without the use of water from a hose. Typically, these advanced products have high lubricity chemicals that clean and polish a vehicle while removing any dust and dirt on the surface.

These chemicals work similarly to water in removing dirt but with additional efficiency due to the lack of water. Using these products is also easy; you simply need to spray it on your car that has light dust or dirt, then wipe it off.

These products may not suit vehicles covered in thick dirt or mud, but once you begin applying waterless car wash products, you can retain the results by applying more each time it gets dusty or dirty. With so much effort saved, you can have more energy left over to spend on your car’s interior.

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Is a Waterless Wash Safe for Your Car?

The last thing any car owner wants to do is damage their paint, which is why many people ask whether a waterless wash is safe.

If you use a high-quality waterless wash, they are safe for cars. In fact, many professional auto detailers recommend them. Some even have protective ingredients that protect your car from dirt in the future. (Like our Ethos Defy – a Ceramic Waterless Wash)

Many car waterless wash products that require no water are designed to be scratch-free and streak-free but don’t forget to use durable microfiber cloths when aiming for that perfect finish. If you have your car protected with a graphene coating or a ceramic coating, our waterless wash is a perfect addition to protect your car.

How Do You Use a Car Waterless Wash?

There’s no denying that going to a drive-through car wash is more convenient than cleaning your own car yourself, but the water and money savings with using a car waterless wash product can be astronomical. Also, doing it yourself can be a breeze if you follow our simple steps.

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7 Steps to Using a Waterless Car Wash

  1. Set aside clean microfiber towels that are folded twice in half until you have eight usable sides.

  2. Shake your waterless wash.
  3. Spray your preferred product onto one section of your cloth and wipe it on one part of your vehicle.

  4. Use another dry, clean microfiber cloth to buff it.

  5. Gently wipe in one direction.

  6. When your cloth gets dirty, use a clean side to avoid reintroducing dirt.

  7. Once you’ve gone over the entirety of the vehicle you are done!

What is the Best Waterless Car Wash for Ceramic Coating?

Ethos Defy – Ceramic Waterless Wash is our go-to product for washing cars without water. With hundreds of reviews, we believe it will be your go-to as well.

Waterless car washes can save a significant amount of water while leaving your car looking fresh and clean. To save mess, water, and time, now might be the right time to start looking at your waterless wash products.

Does waterless car wash damage paint?

Yes, it is possible that a waterless car wash can damage your paint is you do not use it safely and properly. Proper use means knowing how dirty your car is, using a new towel when one gets dirt on it, and using minimal pressure when you are wiping and scrubbing the dirt off the paint. Our waterless car wash products are designed to be used for quick touch-ups and wiping dust and not for cleaning a dirty car.

Is waterless car wash safe for ceramic coating?

Absolutely, waterless car wash products work well on properly maintained ceramic coatings! A great benefit to using a waterless car wash on top of your ceramic coated car is they add an additional protective coating.

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