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Rick Tapnio: That I love about the Aetna Preferred Vision Plan is choice, savings, and convenience. That really narrows down the three most important things for myself and my family, simply because we just, we didn’t have that before on the plan that we had.

John Lahr: Statistics show that close to four times as many people receive a comprehensive eye exam annually as compared to a physical. If they can’t see, that will drive them into an optometrist or an ophthalmologist to get their eye exam, maybe through a vision plan. And we really look at the person in total as we’re really trying to assess what’s going on, not only with their eyes, but what relates from their body, into the eye. Sometimes we can see it in the eye or maybe we’re just looking for something that they gave us a hint on medication that we should be assessing whether it be high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or even diabetes, both type one and type two.

Sarah Marbach: One of the things that people most often ask is, you know, which plan is going to be the best for me, and there’s no real easy answer to that question. So, that’s really where it comes in trying to focus in on, you know, what do you personally and your family need from a plan? When it comes to vision insurance, you know, do you wear glasses, do you wear contacts? Are you just going for your annual exam? What kind of extra features are you looking for in your plan? What’s your budget like? All those types of things are going to be important factors when you’re looking at different options.

What’s really great about Aetna’s plans is that there’s a plan for every type of need out there. Rick Tapnio: Without the cost savings from the Aetna Preferred Vision Plan, I would have paid hundreds more for these frames. Being part of the Aetna Vision Plan truly allows myself to plan around my busy schedule, around my busy family schedule. You know, I have children that are in school and when we have to make appointments for their eye care, usually it was during work hours, and it was really challenging to do that. But now I know that I can pick up the phone, make an appointment after 5 PM or 6 PM, or, or on the weekends, and make sure that my family is taken care of.

Sarah Marbach: Our provider network is pretty large. We have over 100,000 providers nationwide. So, you’ve got a really wide choice when it comes to what eye doctor you want to go see. We’re constantly working to make sure that our benefits are top of the line for our customers.

Rick Tapnio: I would absolutely recommend the Aetna Preferred Vision Plan to a friend or family, simply because it was the best choice for myself and my family. We looked around, you should too, and at the end of the day, you’ll know it’s the right one for you as well.

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