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Top 10 reasons why experienced travelers choose Travel Insurance from Allianz Global Assistance:

    1. Life is unpredictable. Some trips need to be canceled. With travel insurance, you don’t necessarily have to pay for a trip you are unable to take. Instead, enjoy more confidence knowing that you stay a step ahead of unpredictable situations before and during your trip.
    2. Don’t let sickness stop you. From coughs in the crowds to exotic eats that don’t agree with your stomach, sick happens. It’s less scary to be sick with travel insurance by your side to help you through these troubles.
    3. Your health insurance has its limits. When you travel outside the U.S., you may be leaving your health insurance at home. Many U.S. plans (including Medicare and Medicaid) don’t cover international travel. Why risk it when a medical evacuation can cost $50,000+?
    4. Forgot your medication? Lost or forgotten medication can set off an alarm when you’re far from home. Let travel insurance help you locate a pharmacy to purchase a new Rx. It’s always nerve-wracking when something goes wrong. But when you’re in a foreign country, you don’t want to face any kind of crisis alone.
    5. Lost luggage can leave you in a lurch. Allianz Global Assistance provides benefits that can help you replace needed items if your bags are delayed, damaged, or stolen while you’re away. With reimbursement for your trip essentials, you can still suit up for wherever your journey takes you next.
    6. The plan crumbles. If a travel supplier ceases operations, you may not get a refund for the money you fronted for a cruise, flight, or tour. Travel insurance is in place so you’re less likely to pay for an experience you’ll never have.
    7. You don’t want the credit (voucher). Airlines aren’t required to refund a ticket in the event of an emergency. In fact, your carrier can choose to offer a credit voucher toward future travel instead of cash in pocket. With travel insurance, you have more control over your Plan B.
    8. Speaking of change of plans… Flight delays can add up. Beyond being annoying, prolonged delays can cause you to accrue expenses while you wait, or worse, miss a connection. With travel insurance, a covered travel delay can mean cash for rebooking fees, meals, and accommodations.
    9. Your credit card may not cover you. Some travelers opt-out of travel insurance, thinking credit card coverage would suffice in a crunch. Truth is, even if you have this free coverage benefit, it won’t be as extensive as a separate travel insurance plan.
    10. Tap into smart travel tools. Allianz Global Assistance provides travelers with a simple-to-use tool that pairs perfectly with wanderlust. Download the TravelSmart™ app for free on the AppStore and GooglePlay to view your policy on the go, file a claim, track your flight in real-time, and get one-touch emergency assistance. All this and more is at your fingertips. Take a look.

Request a Quote Your Cruise Planners travel advisor will provide you with a brochure and comprehensive plan to ensure your trip.

Travel Protection Waiver If you decide to not purchase the recommended travel insurance, we request that you sign the Travel Protection Waiver to acknowledge your personal acceptance of the risks and liabilities that exist without proper coverage.

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