The Low-Down on Scratch Repair

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Scratches are common auto body work requests that we see here at Paintless Pros in Omaha. After all, if you drive your car for any length of time, odds are at some point it’ll get a scratch. Scratches can significantly affect the price of your car or truck if there are a lot of them and they are big and noticeable, such as on the driver’s side door. Getting your scratches repaired on your car or truck can improve your car’s value. But is it worth it? And should you DIY? After all, just take a little paint and cover it up, right? Paintless Pros will give you the low-down on scratch repair services in this blog post. Contact us today for all your dent removal and repair needs!


Similar to DIY dent removal kits, you can buy on the internet DIY scratch repair kits. These scratch repair kits usually contain some type of scratch removal polish, a buffer maybe, and a cloth. Odds are, these won’t work, and they won’t work compared to the quality of a professional scratch repair service, such as Paintless Pros in Omaha, can do. When car colors were simpler and less sophisticated years ago, it was easy to repair automobile scratches. Nowadays, auto paint is much more sophisticated with a variety of colors that it will be incredibly difficult to match the paint color yourself.

Other scratch repair kits have you sanding, buffing, and painting — tasks that can be difficult for someone with little to no car and/or tool knowledge. Your best bet for scratch repair services is to have a professional do it.


In the auto body work industry, there are different degrees of scratches that can happen to your car or truck that can determine the method of scratch repair. Professional scratch repair services classify scratches as thus:

  • Hairline scratch. These auto scratches are hard to see with the naked eye and are extremely thin. They are not deep and only affect the top coat of your paint. Odds are, you may not even know they’ve been there for a while. Most of these kinds of scratch repairs can be done with a good waxing.
  • Minor scratch. These auto scratches will definitely be noticeable by you. They usually reach the base coat of your auto paint job, but are relatively easy to fix. These scratches may be able to be fixed by you if you know about cars and can wield the appropriate tools.
  • Deep scratch. These auto scratches are definitely noticeable and may even reach the metal. These definitely penetrated the clear coat and probably the paint base coat. These scratches will require a professional scratch repair service.

A professional scratch repair service can diagnose the severity of your auto scratches. Most, such as Paintless Pros in Omaha, offer free estimates for your scratch repair. Swing on by!


  • Tools. There’s no way around it — tools are expensive, and most DIY home scratch repair kits just won’t cut it. When you partner with a professional scratch repair expert such as Paintless Pros, they will have the tools to get your scratch repair job done right. In fact, you could end up spending more money on buying the tools (especially if you’re unsure of the tools and buy the wrong ones) than you would if you just took your car to an auto body shop in the first place.
  • Paint color. As previously stated, matching car and truck paint colors these days is not easy. There are many subtle variations that you have to make sure you have the exact paint color or it will look bad, and you may even notice it more than if you did take your car to a professional scratch repair service, such as Paintless Pro in Omaha.
  • Causing further damage. You could do further damage to your vehicle by attempting to repair your car’s scratch on your own. You could enlarge the scratch, or make it deeper, calling for a more intense scratch repair job.


When you need scratch repair, partner with Paintless Pros in Omaha. Take the worry off your shoulders, and let us make your car or truck new again. You can rest assured that the scratch repair will be done right and look great. Enjoy your weekend, and let us do the work for you.

Paintless Pros also specializes in paintless dent repair services. We can fix hail damage, minor fender benders, and door dings. Our PDR technicians have been serving the people of Omaha since 2009. The next time you notice a minor scratch or you bang your car door into a pole you previously didn’t see, give us a call for your free estimate!

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