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In Missouri, if you’re convicted of a major traffic violation that results in having your driver’s license suspended or revoked, you might be required to carry SR-22 insurance. SR-22 isn’t a separate type of insurance coverage. Instead, it’s proof that you have the minimum automobile insurance coverage required by Missouri law.

SR stands for safety responsibility, and it’s also referred to as a certificate of financial responsibility. If the Missouri Department of Revenue requests you to file for SR-22 insurance, you’ll need to have it to reinstate your driving privileges. You’ll need to work with your automobile insurance provider to file for SR-22 insurance to prove that you have sufficient insurance coverage.

What Is SR-22 Insurance in Missouri?

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When you file for SR-22 insurance in Missouri, you’ll receive either a paper or digital certificate with your proof of automobile insurance. The certificate is issued by the Missouri Department of Revenue and verifies that you meet or exceed the state’s minimum requirements for automobile insurance coverage. Missouri requires drivers who are considered at-risk to carry SR-22 insurance.

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The length of time you’re required to have SR-22 insurance varies in Missouri, based on your offense. However, the most typical amount of time is three years. If you cancel or fail to renew your SR-22 insurance at any point in your required time to carry it, your insurance provider is legally obligated to contact the Missouri Department of Revenue to report you via form SR-26. This report will also result in the immediate suspension of your driver’s license.

If you move to Missouri from another state that has required you to file SR-22 insurance, you’ll need to acquire SR-22 insurance in Missouri and send proof to the other state. If you have SR-22 insurance in Missouri and move out of state, your new state of residence may or may not require you to continue to have SR-22 insurance. It’s your responsibility to determine whether or not you need it in the new state.

Who Is Considered an At-Risk Driver in Missouri?

If you commit a serious traffic violation, the Missouri Department of Revenue may require you to have SR-22 insurance. These offenses can include:

  • Major traffic violations, such as DUI and hit-and-run
  • Multiple minor traffic violations, such as failure to yield and speeding
  • Driving without insurance more than once
  • Being in an at-fault accident without sufficient minimum insurance requirements
  • Failure to pay child support
  • Evading tolls excessively
  • Non-renewal or cancellation of previous SR-22 insurance before the time limit reached

How Do You Get SR-22 Insurance in Missouri?

Applying for SR-22 insurance in Missouri is similar to using regular automobile insurance coverage. You’ll need to work with an insurance provider to get SR-22 insurance. If you already have automobile insurance coverage, it’s possible to simply add SR-22 insurance to your current policy. However, not all insurance companies in Missouri provide SR-22 insurance as an available service.

Your current automobile insurance provider may have already canceled your coverage due to having your driver’s license suspended or revoked. If you’re required to file SR-22 insurance coverage, it may also be a good time to get quotes from several companies to compare rates. To add SR-22 insurance to your policy, you need to complete the following steps:

1. Add SR-22 to Current Policy or Apply for SR-22 Insurance

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You can usually add SR-22 insurance to your current or new policy by selecting it as a service either in person, by phone, or online. Complete the application process with an insurance provider.

2. Pay to Submit SR-22 Insurance

You’ll need to pay a fee to your insurance company to file SR-22 insurance. This fee varies amongst providers but is typically between $15 to $25.

3. Submit the SR-22 Insurance Application With the State

Your insurance provider will need to submit your SR-22 insurance to the Missouri Department of Revenue for you. This is not something that you can complete yourself. The process for approval of your SR-22 insurance may take up to 30 days.

4. Receive Confirmation

Once reviewed, the Missouri Department of Revenue will inform you of its decision to approve or deny your SR-22 insurance application. Once you receive confirmation of acceptance, you can start driving again as long as you continue to maintain your SR-22 insurance for the duration required by the state.

How Much Is SR-22 Insurance in Missouri?

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As stated, the filing fee itself is pretty minimal. Unfortunately, the actual cost of SR-22 insurance is in your insurance premium fees because you’re now an at-risk driver. You may find it challenging to find cost-effective insurance coverage with an SR-22 insurance requirement. In Missouri, the average annual cost of automobile insurance coverage for a driver with a clean record is $643. After a DUI conviction and required SR-22 insurance, that same cost increases to $950 per year.

What Are the Minimum Automobile Insurance Coverages Required in Missouri?

The minimum liability insurance requirements vary from state to state. Missouri currently has the following minimum liability insurance coverage requirements:

  • Bodily injury liability of $25,000 per person with a maximum of $50,000 per accident
  • Property damage liability of $10,000 per accident

Liability insurance will only pay for property damage to the other driver’s vehicle or public property after an accident. It will not cover any damage done to your vehicle or property.

What Is Non-Owner SR-22 Insurance in Missouri?

If you don’t own a car but sometimes borrow a vehicle from a neighbor or friend, you’ll need non-owner SR-22 insurance coverage. Non-owner SR-22 insurance covers the driver instead of the vehicle. You cannot use non-owner SR-22 insurance to cover you when driving a vehicle of someone from your household, such as a spouse or roommate. Non-owner SR-22 insurance runs approximately $25 per month for coverage.

If you’re required to have SR-22 insurance in Missouri, finding the insurance coverage you need at an affordable price may be challenging. You may need to shop around to compare rates from several insurance companies or live within a tighter budget. It may also be best to sell your vehicle and carry non-owner SR-22 insurance to save some money until your required time is up.

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