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After extensive research, I decided to compile all Seven Corners travel insurance reviews in one place in order to provide an overview of available ratings, pros and cons, prices, and answer questions potential users most frequently ask. If you have insurance-related doubts about your upcoming travel plans, you have come to the right place!

Seven Corners Travel Insurance Overview

Seven Corners was founded in 1993 and offers medical insurance plans to travelers around the world; today, Seven Corners offers more than just medical insurance, however. In the past, some users complained about the difficulty of filing claims in the Seven Corners travel insurance complaints sections. By creating a Claims section on the website, however, Seven Corners offers a simple and easy way of filing a complaint, offering informative videos along the way as well.

What Is Seven Corners Travel Insurance, and How Does It Work?

In my Seven Corners travel insurance review, I’m going to start by telling you about all the travel insurance benefits you get by choosing them.

Covering non-refundable expenses due to trip cancelation, baggage coverage, coverage for medical expenses, and medical evacuation for both US and non-US citizens – these are just some of the reasons why Seven Corners travel insurance plans are a good choice.

  • The international travel insurance plan is very favorable – not only does it cover medical expenses and has multilingual aid 24/7, but it provides coverage for trip cancelation, due to a covered reason.
  • Your baggage is protected from loss, theft, and damage.
  • Seven Corners offers an annual plan protecting against COVID-19, which is ideal for any immediate departure on your trip.
  • Seven Corners travel insurance ratings have surged, which is the result of many satisfied insurance users.

Seven Corners Travel Insurance Main Features

When I started researching the travel insurance packages Seven Corner offers, I was happy to find that their website provides all the necessary information so you can choose the ideal plan for you. After carefully reading Seven Corners annual travel insurance reviews, I concluded that almost all users gave generally positive reviews – and had a few nice things to say, too!

Seven Corners economy travel insurance reviews claim that customer support employees are helpful, which the majority of the reviews agree on.

Feature Description Rating 24-HOUR TRAVEL ASSISTANCE Some users complain that assistance is only conducted via email ★★★☆☆ INDIVIDUAL AND PACKAGE COVERAGE OPTIONS The majority of people who bought the Premium Package were extremely satisfied ★★★★☆ COVERAGE FOR TRIP CANCELATION AND BAGGAGE Some complaints concern the waiting period for refunding trip interruption coverage ★★★★☆ TRAVEL MEDICAL The travel medical insurance proved satisfactory ★★★★★ CAR RENTAL LOSS AND DAMAGE INSURANCE Customers were satisfied with rental car insurance options ★★★★★ CUSTOMER SUPPORT Customer support responds quickly and on point; deemed extremely helpful by users ★★★★★

The Registration Process

Seven Corners’ website is well-organized and customer-oriented; if you’re still unsure about which policy or insurance package to choose, the website can guide you to the right decision!

Screenshot 2021 10 05 at 10 32 08 Seven Corners Travel Insurance Reviews

Once you decide on a policy, the registration process is easy. All you have to do is enter the date and duration of your trip, your destination, and your age. The website instantly provides you with a quote.

Screenshot 2021 10 05 at 10 36 16 Seven Corners Travel Insurance Reviews

If you are satisfied with the policy offered, all that is left for you to do is fill out your personal information; from there, you can proceed to payment, and you’re all set with a new insurance policy – just make sure you review Seven Corners travel insurance!

Seven Corners Travel Insurance Plans, Pricing, and Contracts

While looking through other reviews of this insurance company, I discovered that they offer policies for any need a traveler might have, ranging from accidental injuries and illness to protection from inclement weather; they even provide compensation for terrorist acts. Below I compiled a list of all their available plans.

Plan What’s Covered Price Travel Medical Insurance All medical expenses up to $50.000 (Except injuries incurred through dangerous activities) $78 – Liaison Travel Economy $85 – Liaison Travel Choice $150 – Liaison Travel Elite Visitor Insurance Applies to non-US citizens traveling to the USA, with essential medical procedures covered $150 – Inbound USA Basic $230 – Inbound USA Choice Trip Insurance Travel expenses up to: $25.000 for adults $2000 for children $250 – RoundTrip Economy $335 – RoundTrip Choice $415 – RoundTrip Elite Student Travel Insurance Ensure coverage for up to 10 other people traveling together $400 – Liaison Student Basic $630 – Liaison Student Choice $710 – Liaison Student Elite Annual Travel Insurance From baggage loss to various medical expenses, even acute onset of pre-existing conditions $490 – Up to 30 days of travel $600 – Up to 45 days of travel $770 – Up to 60 days of travel Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Coverage of emergency medical evacuation and return of mortal remains $70 Group Travel Insurance Covers the expenses for up to 10 travelers for medical expenses and other travel benefits $840 – Liaison Travel Basic $940 – Liaison Travel Choice $1070 – Liaison Travel Elite

The Visitor Insurance plan can be bought by non-US citizens who plan on traveling to the USA, while Trip Insurance covers only travel expenses, not medical ones. In case of an emergency, the Medical Evacuation and Repatriation plan is tailored to bring you home safely.

Seven Corners Travel Insurance Ratings and Reviews

Seven Corners travel insurance customer reviews are generally positive, ranging from 4.1 to 4.6 stars. Users were satisfied with the friendly attitude of employees regarding trip details and affordable plans, commenting that they thought the services offered were great.

Seven Corners Travel Insurance Alternatives

If you feel that Seven Corners is not the right choice for you, don’t worry! I’ve prepared a shortlist of alternative choices to choose from instead.

Travel Insurance Seven Corners vs. Other Insurance Companies

Let’s start:

Travel Safe vs. Seven Corners Insurance

Criteria Travel Safe Seven Corners Win Quick processing of claims Medical evacuation provided Lose The ‘cancel for any reason’ option is not reliable Slow reimbursement process Best For people likely to file a claim; those expecting problems on their journey For people that might need medical evacuation; those visiting unstable regions

Seven Corners vs. Aig Travel Insurance

Criteria Aig Travel Seven Corners Win Maximum reimbursement for canceled trips Higher coverage for medical expenses ($250.000) Lose Low coverage for medical expenses ($100.000) Lower coverage for cancelations Best For museum lovers; offers travel benefits for closed attractions For skiers and golfers; offers reimbursement for lost ski/golf days

World Nomads vs. Seven Corners Insurance

Criteria World Nomads Seven Corners Win Covers many sports injuries Coverage up to $100,000 for a number of reasons Lose The basic plan offers trip protection only up to $2500 Does not cover any sports injuries Best For adventure fanatics For senior citizens

Seven Corners offers the most affordable prices for worldwide travelers, which makes it suitable for students studying abroad, as well as for frequent flyers. They also have the best plans for people with pre-existing conditions.

Where Seven Corners Travel Insurance Dominates

After looking at all the Seven Corners travel insurance reviews I could find, I can outline, with certainty, the biggest reasons to choose this company:


  • You can choose multi-trip plans
  • You can also decide your deductible amount
  • It covers pre-existing conditions
  • It provides medical insurance for people as old as 100!

Where the Seven Corners Travel Insurance Falls Short

According to unfavorable reviews of Seven Corners travel insurance, it still has to make up for some downsides.


  • No free coverage for children
  • Specific destinations are excluded from coverage

I have to conclude my review of Seven Corner travel insurance by emphasizing that people with pre-existing conditions can largely benefit from Seven Corners plans, and the business is also known as one of the most popular travel insurance for seniors.

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