Seniors Travel Insurance | Best Travel Plans for Those 65 and Over

Here are the best information about Senior travel health insurance voted by readers and compiled and edited by our team, let’s find out

Most travel insurance plans available online either limit travelers over a certain age, or they begin to severely limit benefits over a certain age in order to keep prices low. We offer plans that feature lower prices and benefits as well as full-featured plans with benefits up to 1 million USD and have no maximum age limits.

These senior travel insurance plans have all the same benefits found in our other travel insurance plans. However, always check the brochure and specific benefit amounts to make sure you are getting what you need and want before you travel. We can also help. We are here ready to make a recommendation based on your travel plans.


The GeoBlue Voyager Choice plan covers up to age 84, is part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Global network and also covers pre-existing medical conditions. It is our top recommended plan for those 65+ who are residents of the U.S. traveling outside the U.S.


Our Globehopper plan is an excellent seniors travel insurance plan with no age limit for U.S. residents that are on Medicare Parts A and B and carry supplemental insurance. It is affordable and has very strong benefits.


Our Trawick Safe Travels plans are good for non-U.S. travelers up to age 90 whether going to the U.S. or anywhere else in the world. You can get up to $100,000 USD in maximum medical benefits for ages 70-79 and very strong medical evacuation coverage. This plan is also renewable with uninterrupted coverage for up to 24 consecutive months.

Things to keep in mind when selecting seniors travel insurance

Benefit amounts: Many plans reduce benefits after a certain age. Ask if a particular plan reduces benefits after a certain age and by how much. Usually, depending on your age and health, you may want more coverage as you get older rather than less. You will also want to make sure emergency evacuation and/or hospitalization benefits would be enough to cover your needs. You may need an evacuation or extended stay in a hospital or surgery before being able to be released, stabilized, or transported home.

How long do you want coverage for?

Some seniors are looking for a plan that allows them to spend part of each year in another country. Others may travel extensively and want an annual travel plan such as the GeoBlue Trekker Choice (up to age 84) or the annual version of the GlobeHopper travel plan mentioned above.

We also have long-term international health insurance for expats aged 65+ that we can help you with.

Current medical issues?

Do you need coverage for pre-existing conditions or health issues that you may have seen a doctor for in the last two years/or on-going concerns? Note that while we have plans that cover pre-existing conditions, most travel medical plans are for new illnesses and injuries, not maintenance of current medical issues when abroad. They are also not allowed to be used for medical travel or medical tourism.

Looking for Evacuation-Only Plans that do not include medical benefits?

We have a plan for those 74-84 years old, as well as plans for those under 74, with no deductibles, no claim forms, out-of-pocket expenses, or caps on emergency medical transportation. And an over 90% approval rate! On these plans evacuation does not need to be a medical necessity, or based on life and death.

Looking for trip cancellation insurance for over 65?

We can help you select between multiple options such as HTH Trip Protector, RoundTrip Elite, or iTravel Trip Cancellation.

We are here to help you with your decision, as well as answer your questions via phone, or email or even Skype or Live Chat if you prefer.

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