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Want to start a business online? Don’t have a product to sell? Well you are in luck today. I will explain to you how to get an inventory of auto parts, what prices they sell for on average and how to get them. You need to have a little knowledge and the tools you need to get started, but the whole thing is as easy as 1,2,3.

We all know eBay, Amazon and of course our website, you can buy or sell used car parts and make a nice living doing so.

How to get started selling car parts online

First of you need to know what vehicle parts sell the most online, then you need to look at our junk cars inventory to see what vehicles are in stock, it’s best to get a list of the most look after cars in the yard, like Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Honda Civic, Ford F-Series, Toyota RAV4 and some of the expensive brands like Cadillacs, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lexus, Audi, Volvo, Acura, Lincoln etc. And pick parts like wheels, side view mirrors, tail lights, LED adaptive headlights, speedometer head or cluster, alternator, power steering pump or motor, engine control module (ECM), AC compressor and a few more.

Our Salvage yards keep a daily fresh inventory so it’s important for you to check our daily inventory of junk cars to make sure you don’t miss out on a profitable part.

What do you need to get the parts off a vehicle?

Good thing you asked, first of you need the tools to get the parts out, second you need the know how.

You want to make sure you are capable of pulling the parts off the vehicle, you need to know how a part is installed to be able to pull it out, there are plenty of videos on youtube that show you how to pull or remove car parts of a vehicle.

But just knowing is how to get the part out a start point, you need to have the right tools also. Having the right tools can make pulling a part a breeze, you can spend 10 minutes or 2 hours.

What parts should you look after to sell online?

There are plenty of parts in a vehicle but the most profitable and looked after are:

WheelsYou will be amazed at how many people need wheels for their vehicles, they are looking for rims and tires.On average a wheel sells for $79

Side View MirrorsElectric side view mirrors are always selling online, they either stop working or people have accidents that ruin them. I had to get a mirror for my car because someone in a bike crashes into it.On average a side view mirror sells for $73

Tail Lights / LampsTails lights or tail lamps are some of the parts that sell the most online, the most expensive ones are the complex ones, vehicles that have big or large bumpers and their lights have multiple sections, also people are looking for LED lights that are bright at night.On average Tail Lights sell for $53

LED Adaptive HeadlightsSome newer vehicles come equipped with adaptive headlights, this lights help drivers see better on dark curved roads, the active light pivot in the direction of travel when the driver steers around curves or corners. The headlights adjust based on steering wheel movement and possibly the vehicle speed to illuminate the road ahead. This are very smart lights and for that reason they are expensive and they sell fast if listed for the right price. Learn more about Adaptive headlights here.On Average Adaptive Headlight Sell between $250 to $4500 depending on make and model of the vehicle.

Speedometer Head (also called cluster)

Instrument Gauge Cluster Speedometer Head usually includes multiple meters to help you be safe on the road, most include a gas level, heat temperature, check engine light, traveling speed, diagnostic lights and more.On Average the Instrument Gauge Cluster Speedometer Head or cluster sell for $75


Being one of the most important parts in a vehicle and one that breaks down are more common because of high amperage and voltage it produces and the demands of a vehicle. An alternator produces the energy a vehicle uses after the vehicle engine is in motion.On Average an alternator sells for $52

Power Steering Pump or Motor

The power steering pump converts the energy generated by the vehicle’s internal combustion engine into hydraulic energy to ease the steering left or right while driving. Without it turning left or right becomes very hard to almost impossible if the vehicle is not in motion.On Average the power steering pump sell for $53

Engine/Motor Control Module

An engine control unit (ECU), also commonly called an engine control module (ECM) makes sure your vehicle is running at optimal performance, the ECM controls and monitors the vehicle sensors in the engine, it manages the air intake or air-fuel mixture to regulate the emissions control system.On Average the Engine/Motor Control Module sells for $89

AC Compressor

The AC compressor is responsible for pumping refrigerant under high pressure to the condenser where it changes from a gas to liquid, this pump makes the refrigerant move through all the parts that make the air cool inside your vehicle.On Average an AC Compressor sell for $67

It is imperative to clean as much as possible the used auto parts before shipping. Most people will return something that looks like it wasn’t cared for, some sellers even get a sand blaster to remove rust, but most sellers use WD40 to clean the parts.

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