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The latest viral meme trend “Roach Getting In Car” is flooding social media platforms. If you are curious to know its origin and meaning, read this article till the end.

Social platforms especially Twitter is full of hilarious meme trends. With each passing day, users encounter new meme content and the meme game gets stronger. Currently, an image of a cockroach getting into a car is spreading giggles across the internet. This viral meme trend has joined Twitter on 27th July 2021 and since then social media users are rolling hundreds of meme alterations.

Let’s dive in deep to learn more about this viral meme trend.

What Is Roach Getting In Car Meme

Roach Getting In Car is the latest meme trend that has taken over various social media platforms. It all started when a Twitter user shared a hilarious conversation with his friend. In the conversation, @4theluvofnu the initiator of this meme trend asks his online friend about a picture showing them getting into a car. When the second person denies having been entering someone’s car the meme creator sends an image showing a roach getting into a car.

As soon as this conversation was shared on Twitter, it became viral and users started creating alterations of it. So far, the original tweet has gained over 27,000 retweets along with more than 245,000 likes. The comments section is also filled with thousands of amusing comments.

After gaining massive popularity, the meme creators have made thousands of meme alterations. Many users have even recreated this funny scenario via text message. Hundreds of brainy heads have even added tons of comical conversation beneath the original tweet.

Origin Of Cockroach Getting In Car Meme

As stated earlier, the viral Cockroach Getting In Car Meme trend started from a hilarious online conversation between two friends. A screenshot of this funny conversation was posted on Twitter on 27th July 2021. Since then, the meme is altered in thousands of ways and it is spreading giggles across the internet.

The initiator of this meme trend is a Twitter user named @4theluvofnu, who pranked their friend using a hilarious image featuring a Roach opening a car door and preparing to enter it. As the Tweet went viral, people have imitated the conversation and they are trolling their friends via the text message version of the Cockroach Getting In Car Meme trend.

A Roach Getting In The Car Meme

Some hilarious tweets made by users are as follows:

One user tweeted whilst sharing the picture of Roach: “The Roach getting in the car to go to work and provide for its family so that it can come home and sleep on your chest”.

In another Tweet, a user shared the picture of Roach with the caption “Roaches when you turn on the lights”. “This damn Roach got his taxes back” posted another.

If you are wondering to hop into this meme trend, simply save the image of Roach getting into a car and start the conversation with your friend. In the conversation, accuse your friend of being spotted entering someone’s car. In response to this, your friend will be confused and will accuse you of lying. Finally, this is the time to drop the image of popular Roach entering the car. Sit back and witness the hilarious response of your friend.

Most of the users have tried trolling their friends and they have shared the response. The majority of users have got hilarious responses while there are very few who received not-so-funny responses.

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Concluding Remarks

This was all about the viral Roach Getting In Car Meme trend. Hopefully, the article has provided all information you needed to know.

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