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Our Policies Protect Every Florida Property

Condominium Coverages. If you live in a condo unit, it is your association’s responsibility to protect all of the commonly owned property, but your unit needs its own liability and property insurance. Our condominium owners policy works just like a homeowners policy – it covers loss of use, loss of belongings, and other options you may want to consider.

You need condominium insurance for any number of reasons:

  • Belongings are often damaged. Everything inside your condo unit is your responsibility. Whether you have a fire or a burglary, you are responsible for having secured homeowners insurance that will allow you to replace everything in your Orlando condo.
  • Someone may be injured while staying at your condo unit. Bodily injury and property damage happen every day. Be prepared for common but not unheard-of incidents with a policy that has you covered.
  • You may not be able to live in your unit due to damage. A fire or some other mishap may have you seeking an additional living space. Appropriate condominium coverage will cover your living expenses elsewhere while your unit is being repaired.

Renters Insurance. You may be renting a home, apartment, condo, or something else, but you still need insurance coverage. If your belongings are damaged, they cost money to replace them. Do not be without renters insurance. Our renters insurance policies are written with Orlando renters in mind every day.

Landlord Insurance Dwelling Policy. If investment properties are a source of revenue, we know how important your properties are to you as a landlord. When a dwelling is damaged, we understand that you need to know you are protected. Our property and liability lines of coverage are clear and comprehensive, meaning that your worries are over. As a landlord, you have many options to consider, so let our property insurance experts lend a hand in helping you choose what is right for you.

Florida Homeowners Insurance Options to Consider

Let’s take a walk through some of the various options and discounts for homeowners insurance from which you can choose:

Jewelry, Guns, Fine Art Collections. Protect your most valuable possessions with specialized coverages. Items such as these are common targets for thieves, so it is worth having the extra protection your fine items deserve.

Flood Insurance. You may want to consider a flood option, even if you do not live in a declared flood zone. Most homes that flood from storms are in “preferred” flood zones.

Equipment Breakdown. Tired of parting with your money every time an appliance breaks down? Be protected for all of your TVs, HVAC systems, and other appliances for a minimal yearly charge.

Ordinance & Law. This type of coverage is already included in most homeowners policies. For a small charge, however, you may increase this protection. Contact us for advice so that, in the event of a catastrophe, you will not be caught unaware due to changes in laws and codes.

Water Damage. Storms are inevitable in Florida. We offer the protection against not only storm damage, but any water damage to your property.

Other options to consider include animal liability, non-smoker discounts, military discounts, gated/guarded community discounts, wind mitigation discounts, senior discounts, refrigerated personal property, identity theft, screened enclosures and so much more.

Living in the beautiful state of Florida can be a treat every day. Protect your home and family with our homeowners insurance coverages in Orlando. We stand ready to help you right now. As the largest broker of insurance in the Florida Panhandle, our rates and experience are hard to beat.

In these challenging times, you want experience you can rely on. Our trusted insurance companies and experienced agents give you this every day. Let one of our Harris Insurance professionals speak with you today about keeping you and your Florida property safe.

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