One way Car Rental from Redding Airport [RDD], California [CA], USA

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FAQ about one-way car rental Redding

What is one way car rental from RDD Airport, USA?

People refer to one-way car rental as a trip on a rental car that doesn’t require you to drop off your rental vehicle at the initial location where you picked up your car. This means you have the freedom to collect a car in one location and return it at another location of the provider you rented a car from.

There are two types of one-way car rentals: domestic and international. Domestic one-way car rental means that you will pick up a car at Redding, CA, USA and drop it off somewhere in the USA. International one-way car rental is for cross-country travels when you collect a car in RDD Airport, California and return it outside of the USA.

Why is one way car rental so expensive?

The main reason why one way car rental is more costly than a rental for a round trip is that the car rental provider has to cover all expenses that come with returning all of the cars to their initial location. In the car rental industry, these expenses are referred to as the drop-off fee or one-way fee and currently, this fee is enforced by all major car rental companies.

How much does it cost to rent a car one way from Redding – Airport, CA?

The cost of car rental one way strongly depends on the distance between your pick-up and drop-off locations. The longer this distance is, the higher the drop-off fee will be. Moreover, the one-way fee will be heftier if you drive a rental car from a city where car rental is in high demand to a place where it is less popular.

All of our rental cars one way from Redding, CA already include one-way fees, which is usually from $15 to $150. You can save more money by selecting a longer period of car rental.

How to rent a car one way from Redding, California?

In order to rent a car one way from Redding – Airport, make sure to follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter Redding as your pick-up location;
  2. Check the box “Return to a different location”;
  3. Enter your preferred return location;
  4. Select necessary pick-up and drop-off dates and time;
  5. Press the “Search” button;
  6. Select your perfect one-way offer among a variety of one-way rental car deals from Redding RDD Airport;
  7. Add any additional extras if needed;
  8. Enter driver and payment details and confirm your booking;
  9. After you get your car rental voucher, don’t forget to print it and take it with you to Redding – Airport, California;
  10. Provide all necessary documents during pick-up and have a nice trip!

How to get the best deal on a one-way car rental from RDD Airport, USA?

You typically have much higher chances of getting the best deal on Redding, CA, USA one way car rental by investing more time in preparation for your one-way rental car. The main fact ors that influence your RDD Airport, California car rental one-way price are the size, brand, and age of your rental car, car rental provider, time of the year, insurance, and other extra features.

You also should compare not only the cost of car rental one way and the amount of one-way fee but also the terms and conditions of different car rental providers. It is really easy to find a cheap one way car rental Redding – Airport, CA with us, but almost impossible to locate a one way car rental no drop fee anywhere on the web.

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