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If you don’t like the look of your mole or there is a change in the shape, size, colour and texture, we can check to see if biopsy is needed, or remove it. If you’re worried, we offer a single mole report in a number of sk:n clinics nationwide. Whether you choose mole removal services for aesthetic reasons or otherwise, sk:n will always put excellent patient care at the heart of what we do.

What is a mole?

A common mole, or melanocytic naevi, is a coloured spot on the skin that develops when pigment cells called melanocytes grow in clusters. Although common moles may be present at birth, they usually appear later in childhood and increase during teenage years – most adults usually have between 10 and 40 on their body. During pregnancy, moles often get darker and they can fade away completely from around the age of 50.

Cosmetic or benign mole removal

Should you want a benign mole, cyst or other lesion removed for cosmetic reasons, you can book treatment with one of the leading consultant dermatologists, surgeons and doctors at sk:n.

The consultant will check your mole to ensure biopsy is not necessary, discuss the recommended procedure and costs, recovery, likely outcomes, and any risks and complications.

If you decide to go ahead with the procedure, we will book you in as soon as possible. The consultation and procedure normally take around 30 minutes in total.

Cosmetic mole removal services are available nationwide at sk:n. To book a mole removal consultation, call us or book online.

Skin cancer screening

If you’re concerned about a particular mole, you can book a single mole report. This fast service is available in a number of sk:n clinics nationwide and costs just £50 for one mole. Book online now.

If you have more than one mole of concern, our sister clinic, The MOLE Clinic offers full body skin checks and mole mapping in a number of our clinics too. The consultant will check and diagnose the mole, confirming if biopsy is necessary. If so, we’ll discuss the recommended procedure, costs, recovery, likely outcomes, and any risks and complications.

To book or find out more, visit The MOLE Clinic.

Methods of mole removal

Laser removal

Most suitable for small, raised moles in areas where minimal scarring is a priority, such as the face. Laser mole removal uses light energy to break down the melanin pigment within the mole.

Shave removal

Moles that protrude from the skin can be ‘shaved’ off under local anaesthetic. A surgical blade is used to remove the mole down to slightly beneath the surface of the skin leaving a pink indent that should fade with time.

Excision removal

Most suitable for larger moles where regrowth is a concern. Excision is performed under local anaesthetic and involves the surgical removal of the mole along with a small border of normal surrounding skin. This procedure requires a stitch to close the skin, leaving a small scar that will fade over time.

Why book mole removal at sk:n

Unrivalled medical expertise and industry regulation

sk:n has delivered unrivalled client care in dermatology, aesthetic and laser treatments for over 30 years. We work with the most skilled and experienced consultant dermatologists and doctors in the country, with many also working for the NHS. We’re regulated by the Care Quality Commission in England, Health Inspectorate Wales and Health Improvement Scotland, and also have a long-standing 25-year partnership with the NHS, so you can trust you’re in the best and safest place for mole removal at sk:n.

Leading clinical innovation, training and safety protocols

Each clinic has a Medical Director and together, alongside a wider team of doctors and consultants, they form our Medical Standards Team. They design and enforce our clinical protocols, to ensure we’re at the forefront of innovation, maintain service excellence and the highest levels of safety.

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