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Prepared to Hold Insurance Companies Accountable for Bad Faith Practices

People purchase long-term disability insurance to protect against the loss of income that can result from a debilitating illness or injury. Although you hope never to have to use long-term disability insurance, this coverage can provide a vital source of income to you and your family while you are unable to work. Unfortunately, many insurance companies fail to provide insurance coverage according to the terms of the long-term disability policy.

When this happens, families can suffer immense financial hardship as a result. Few law firms anywhere in California or in the United States can match Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP’s resolve and skill representing clients in bad faith insurance claims. Our Los Angeles disability insurance lawyers are committed to providing decisive, strategic representation for people who have been harmed by insurance bad faith.

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What Counts as Bad Faith in Disability Insurance Claims?

Many insurance companies engage in shameless actions to avoid paying disability claims. For example, insurance companies may hire a doctor to examine the claimant. Although these doctors are supposed to be independent, they generally make diagnoses that are in the best interests of the insurance company. In particularly egregious situations, a doctor may confirm that a person is, in fact, disabled – but the insurance company will still ignore their recommendations.

Sometimes, an insurance company may disregard a doctor’s opinion and simply find another doctor who will toe the party line. In other situations, insurance companies will actively spy on claimants or unreasonably target claims for denial. All of these actions could potentially be considered bad faith practices and make the insurer liable for your damages.

Some other examples of insurer conduct that could be categorized as bad faith:

  • Using abusive and/or coercive tactics to settle a disability claim
  • Purposely misinterpreting policy language to avoid accepting coverage
  • Using an inappropriate or deceptive standard as a basis to deny the claim
  • Failing to appropriately investigate the claim
  • Making unreasonable demands related to the individual’s disability claim

A Record of Success in Insurance Bad Faith Litigation

Our law firm has had particular success taking on insurance companies who fail to live up to the terms of their policies. Most recently, our attorneys Mark Quigley and Ivan Puchalt tried and won a case against UNUM for their failure to live up to the terms of an individual disability insurance policy. The jury found in favor of our client and awarded $4.2 million to our client. Of this $4.2 million, $3 million of this award was allocated for punitive damages. These damages are intended to prevent future egregious acts by UNUM and other similarly situated companies.

At Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, our Los Angeles attorneys accept all insurance bad faith claims on a contingency basis. That means you will not pay any attorneys’ fees unless we recover compensation for your losses so that you can focus on recovering from your serious injuries. Because we understand that it can be difficult for our injured clients to meet with our attorneys at our offices, we will also meet you wherever is convenient to discuss your bad faith disability claim.

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