Long Term Disability Insurance Lawyers

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Why You Need a LTD Lawyer

When you need help with a long term disability claim, it is critical that you hire an attorney, especially one with experience in handling group long term disability benefits. Not many attorneys have experience in handling long term disability cases. Disability law is much different than personal injury law, for example. A personal injury attorney can help you file a claim against the negligent party who caused your injury, but they probably will not be much help when it comes to filing a disability insurance claim.

At Abell and Capitan Law, we focus exclusively on disability insurance cases. Our law firm’s area of practice is very narrow. Long term disability appeals and litigation are what we devote over 95% of our time and effort to as we work to maximize our clients’ chances of success. This laser-focus enables us to provide excellent legal representation to our disabled clients.

Because disability law is so complex, disability law firms are typically not able to successfully handle other cases. Disability cases can be complicated. If your LTD benefits are threatened, denied, or terminated in any way, we highly recommend that at a minimum you consult with an experienced long term disability lawyers here at Abell and Capitan Law. A disabled worker can have unique needs for legal representation at each stage of the LTD claims process. For example, please consider the following:

  • Long term disability appeals – This may be your only chance to submit evidence to the claim administrator or insurance company. If you mishandle your own appeal (through no fault of your own), you could be jeopardizing your continued benefits and the value of your claim. Experienced legal representation is crucial once the insurance company stops or discontinues payment of LTD benefits.
  • Long term disability lawsuits – It is very clear that a disabled claimant requires legal representation once his or her only remaining option is to file a lawsuit in a court of law to recover benefits.
  • Long term disability settlements – From time to time, some insurance companies will offer lump sum settlements on approved long term disability claims in lieu of future payment of benefits and release of all legal rights. These agreements are typically subject to confidentiality and require close consideration of a variety of factors before a disabled claimant voluntarily agrees to accept a lump sum payout.
  • Long term disability applications – Most often individuals file long term disability applications and go through that process without the assistance of legal counsel. However, there are situations where claimants should consider hiring a LTD lawyer from the start of this process in order to avoid potential problems and disputes that could arise.
  • Long term disability claim management – A disabled worker can have a legitimate need for legal representation on a claim already in approved status. For example, legal representation on an approved LTD claim can be advantageous when your claim is under review due to a change in the definition of disability from your own occupation to now consider “any occupation,” when the insurance company is constantly requesting updated records and opinions in a cyclical nature, when you are being asked to attend in-person medical or other investigative interviews, or when you are aware of video surveillance being conducted.

The process and stages of a long term disability claim gets especially complicated because most claims are governed by federal law – specifically, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). If you or a loved one is struggling financially because of a debilitating injury or illness and is receiving long term disability benefits under a group insurance contract, an ERISA lawyer will be best equipped to help you successfully obtain or recover your LTD benefits.

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