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Since our founding in 1992, Marc Whitehead & Associates has helped disabled individuals from coast to coast fight for and win their rightful long term disability insurance benefits. Through the combination of our experiences plus our passion for disability law, our law firm has developed a proven approach that in turn gives our clients the very best chance of being approved for benefits. Our long term disability insurance claims attorneys assist with all stages of the disability claim process.

We can help you with:

Initial Long Term Disability Insurance Claims Application – Involving an experienced disability lawyer at the claim application stage can change the outcome of your case. We will help you file a conclusive disability application, and oversee your disability case from start to finish.

Claim Denial: Group Disability (ERISA) – Our firm can help you with every aspect of your denied claim under a group disability plan. Governed by complex ERISA law, the appeals process is the most important step in any group claim denial. You can only file a lawsuit once all claim appeals have been exhausted. You need lawyers who are dedicated to appealing and litigating ERISA disability insurance cases fighting for you.

Claim Denial: Individual Disability (Non-ERISA) – Our long term disability insurance claims attorneys work directly with medical professionals, business executives, and high income individuals nationwide to protect their disability benefits from wrongful denial under private policies. Whether this means appealing the denial, negotiating a settlement or litigating the matter in court, you need attorneys on your side experienced in state insurance and contract laws, tort law and consumer protection laws.

Benefit Protection Services™ – Once benefits start, insurers will require monthly proof of continued disability. Through our Benefit Protection ServicesTM, we take this legal burden off your shoulders to ensure you receive continuing payments for years to come.

Lump Sum Buyout – While it may sound appealing, a lump sum settlement offer from the insurance company can either be risky or beneficial for you. Buyouts and settlement always call for experienced legal analysis and guidance. Our attorneys will ensure that your rights and benefits are protected.

Total vs Residual Disability Analysis – Your policy likely has a provision for Total and Residual disability. There is a huge difference between these two levels of disability, and you should never assume the insurer will qualify you correctly. Get a long term disability insurance claims attorney review of your policy to understand what it really means in your situation under your policy’s terms.

You Can Fight Back if Your Long Term Disability Insurance Company Says No!

Long term disability (LTD) insurance companies are corporations whose goal is profit. You purchased your LTD policy to provide you with crucial income in the event you become disabled. Yet insurance companies repeatedly deny legitimate claims, refusing to pay the benefits you paid for and deserve.

You can fight back when your insurer says no. A complete knowledge of long term disability laws is necessary to effectively pursue these types of claims.

Whether you have already been denied benefits, or are just now filing and need assistance with your initial disability application, Marc Whitehead & Associates will help you demonstrate to the court that you are in fact disabled under the terms of the policy, and seek a court order for regular payments. Additionally, we will help in the event your payments have been delayed or you have been under-compensated. If you have been fired or laid off, and intend to file a LTD claim, we can effectively help you in that area.

Insurance Companies Can Deny Valid Disability Insurance Claims

It has become common practice for insurance companies to systematically deny valid disability insurance claims as a means of containing costs and increasing profits.

Insurance companies that commonly issue disability policies are:

Our attorneys represent disabled claimants in all 50 states against providers of group and private long term disability insurance. Learn more about how to fight these specific insurance companies.

We understand how LTD insurance works, and why insurers deny benefits. Our goal as disability claim attorneys is to protect you from abusive tactics by the insurance companies and recover all long term disability pay you are entitled to receive. If you were denied disability benefits, contact us right away. Becoming disabled can have a devastating financial impact by stripping you of your ability to make a living. When you file a claim to receive long term disability benefits – and your insurance company denies your claim – you need strong legal representation when appealing these claims.

What Will A Long Term Disability Denial Attorney Do For Me?

  • Aid you in filing out all insurance company forms
  • Evaluate your insurance claim and advise you on long term disability laws and your options
  • Review your medical records and make suggestions for any additional testing required to prove your case
  • Supplement your claim file with additional medical records
  • Obtain medical reports and opinion evidence regarding your disability
  • Consult with qualified Vocational Experts to get opinion evidence rebutting an insurance company’s denial
  • Obtain and develop evidence regarding your “Residual Functional Capacity” that is the key to your disability claim
  • File your administrative disability appeal when necessary, quickly and effectively Correctly calculate your benefits
  • File a legal brief arguing the legal, medical and vocational issues in your case
  • File a lawsuit in Federal Court if necessary
  • Conduct discovery in the Federal Court case such as filing interrogatories and requests for production as needed as well as taking all necessary depositions
  • Responding to Motions for Summary Judgment and trying your lawsuit

If you have been denied LTD benefits, you should not sign anything from the insurance company without first consulting with us.

We welcome your telephone call or the opportunity to speak with you in person to answer any questions you may have about your case without charge, no matter how long it takes. There is no obligation on your part whatsoever to hire us as your attorney.

Marc Whitehead & Associates represent individuals nationwide who are appealing private disability claim denial, filing initial applications for LTD benefits, and many other disability insurance matters.

If you choose to hire us to represent you in a disability insurance claim, the majority of our cases are handled on contingency fee – meaning we don’t get paid until you do.(Edit)

Nationwide Representation from Long-Term Disability Attorney Marc Whitehead

Marc Whitehead has been practicing law for over 27 years in Houston, focusing exclusively on disability law. His firm, Marc Whitehead & Associates files applications and appeals denials for Long-Term Disability insurance policies, Social Security Disability and Veterans Disability. He has authored books on each of these topics and presented nationwide on disability law.

Marc is double board-certified in Social Security and Personal Injury. In addition to his legal work, Marc is a certified practice advisor with Atticus, an organization that provides business training and management skills necessary to build and maintain a profitable practice.

Call Marc Whitehead & Associates today at 800-562-9830 to speak to a long term disability insurance claims attorney about your case.

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