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Qualified state and higher education employees are eligible for the life insurance options below. This coverage is not available to local education and local government employees. Life insurance benefits provide financial support for family members and are administered by Securian Financial (Minnesota Life).

Securian Financial (Minnesota Life) 866.881.0631 Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. CT

You can find all premium information on the Premiums page.

  • Securian Financial has an online web tool, Benefit Scout, to help you estimate the amount of life insurance you may need. Find it at
  • Keep your life insurance beneficiaries up-to-date.
    • Basic term, accidental death & dismemberment and voluntary AD&D – In Edison > Main Menu > HCM > Employee Self Service > Benefits > Dependents and Beneficiaries > Life Insurance Beneficiaries
    • Voluntary term life – Log in and follow instructions on the Securian Financial (Minnesota Life) website:

Basic Group Term Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

The state provides all benefits-eligible employees with basic term life Insurance ($20,000) and basic accidental death & dismemberment insurance ($40,000) automatically, at no cost.

If you enroll in health insurance as the “head of contract,” or HOC your life insurance coverage automatically increases based on your salary to a maximum of $50,000 for basic term life insurance and $100,000 for basic accidental death & dismemberment insurance. You pay a monthly premium for this additional coverage.

  • The premiums for coverage above the amounts provided by the state are deducted from your paycheck.
  • If your salary goes up as of Sept. 1, 2022, compared to Sept. 1, 2021, your monthly premium may increase as of Oct. 2022.
  • At ages 65 and over, your coverage amounts will reduce.
  • Dependents enrolled in health insurance have $3,000 of basic term life insurance. Dependents enrolled in health insurance also have basic AD&D insurance and the amounts are based on your salary and family composition. You will pay monthly premiums for your dependent(s) coverage.
  • Basic dependent term life insurance has three coverage levels available: employee + spouse, employee + child(ren) or employee + spouse + child(ren).
  • LifeSuite Services, a value-added benefit, is included at no additional charge. Services and resources include:
    1. Travel Assistance Services
    2. Legacy Planning Services
    3. Beneficiary Financial Counseling

You can refer to your Member Handbook found on the Publications page and/or the Securian Financial website for additional information.

Voluntary Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

If you would like additional AD&D protection, you can buy Voluntary AD&D Insurance for yourself and your dependents. This is in addition to the Basic AD&D coverage. You will pay the full monthly premiums.

  • Benefit will be paid for dismemberment if the loss occurs within 180 days of the accident, provided you or your dependent was covered on the date of the accident and meet the established criteria. Accident could occur at work or elsewhere.
  • Coverage is available at low group rates, no questions asked.
  • The benefit will be based upon your salary with a maximum benefit for employees of $60,000. Premiums will be for the coverage level that you have.
  • You must enroll in Edison.
  • Additional benefits include:
    • Adaptive home and vehicle
    • Air bag
    • Child care
    • Coma
    • Common accident
    • Dependent child education
    • Felonious assault
    • Public transportation
    • Repatriation
    • Spouse education
  • Find more information on the Publications page under Life Insurance.

Voluntary Term Life Insurance

If you qualify, you can buy additional Voluntary Term Life Insurance. Enrollment is not automatic. You must apply for this coverage. This coverage is available regardless of whether you or your dependents enroll in health coverage. Your spouse may also apply for enrollment in this coverage even if you do not enroll. A child term rider may be added to your certificate or to your spouse’s certificate, but not to both. If your spouse is also a state employee, your spouse must apply for coverage as an employee, not as your spouse.

  • Your monthly premium could go up if you increase your life insurance amount or you move into a higher age bracket as of Jan. 1.
  • New hires: For employee guaranteed issue coverage, you must enroll during the first 30 calendar days of employment. Coverage will become effective on the first day of the month following completion of three full calendar months of eligible employment. If coverage is not elected during this time, you may apply during the annual enrollment period by presenting evidence of insurability through a health questionnaire.
  • You can apply for up to seven times your annual base salary (to a maximum of $500,000) for yourself and up to a maximum of $30,000 for your spouse ($15,000 for ages 55 and older). Guaranteed issue coverage is not available for your spouse. The spouse will be required to answer health-related questions.
  • You can also add coverage for your children equal to $5,000 or $10,000 to your certificate or your spouse’s certificate.
  • Find coverage options and plan highlights on the Publications page under Life Insurance.
  • To apply, go to, fill out the Evidence of Insurability form and fax to Securian Financial (Minnesota Life).

If you are currently enrolled and eligible for a guaranteed issue increase, information will be mailed to you prior to the start of the annual enrollment period. If not currently enrolled, you (and/or your spouse) will be required to present evidence of insurability by answering health-related questions. A child term life insurance rider may be added to your certificate or your spouse’s certificate without answering any health-related questions for the child(ren).


An enrolled employee or spouse may continue (port) one-half of the voluntary term life insurance coverage he or she had at the time of leaving active employment due to retirement or termination. The minimum amount of continued coverage is $5,000 and the maximum amount is $250,000. Continuation of coverage is not available if the reason for the cancellation of coverage was due to non-payment of premiums. Continuation of coverage, or portability, is only available to an employee or spouse under the age of 70. If 70 or over, conversion to an individual policy is available.


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