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Properly insuring your landscaping business is critical. It helps minimize risks to your company while also giving your clients peace of mind when you work for them. As you consider who to work with keep in mind that as a broker we have access to the companies that specialize in your type of business. We also bring more to the table than just great pricing. Service after the purchase has to be a major consideration. When you call for a certificate we have procedures in place to get those to you within 24 hours and most times within a few hours! Nothing is more painful than not being able to get on a job site while you wait for your insurance agent to get you your certificate!

As a landscaping business, you have special needs compared to other business insurance policies. With several insurance packages available, it is possible to find the right amount and type of protection for your company’s specific risks. Our team is here to help guide and support you along the way.

Balsiger Insurance offers insurance for all needs, including property, liability insurance, vehicle coverage, worker’s compensation coverage, pollution, excess umbrella, employment practices, employee group health, Inland Marine equipment coverage and more.

Do You Need Landscaping Insurance for Your Startup?

If you are just getting your landscaping business off the ground, it is critical to have the right protections in place. Our team will work with you to learn the types of services you will be providing, the number of people you are employing, and the areas you’ll be working in. We will also talk to you about money-saving ways to cover all of your assets.

Liability for landscaping companies is a critical investment, but it does not have to be expensive. Our team can help you balance both general liability and umbrella insurance to minimize any risks to your new company. Reach out to us to learn more about our startup landscaping company insurance packages.

Property and Liability Coverage

Virtually all landscaping companies need property and liability coverage. This is what helps to keep your business moving. We offer both monoline and package options to protect your company – we can customize a package to meet your individual goals. We have packages available for most business types, including:

  • Lawn care companies
  • Sprinkler maintenance and installation companies
  • Tree trimming services (as an add-on coverage for those who do less than 15 percent of their business here)
  • Landscaping installation companies

These packages are meant for those who are doing the hard work in the field. If you are a landscape architect or designer and do not perform the work yourself or you subcontract the work out, let us help you find a policy that better fits your needs.

Commercial General Liability Coverage for Landscaping Companies

Commercial general liability insurance is designed to protect you when others make claims against your business. It is the bedrock of protection for your company. It can be confusing, which is why we always provide one-on-one consultations, so you get just the right amount and type.

We offer a range of options to fit most needs. This includes:

  • Primary Limits up to $3,000,000 Occurrence/Aggregate
  • Blanket Additional Insured Endorsement available
  • Waiver of Subrogation available
  • Excess or Umbrella Limits up to $25,000,000 or more if required by your contracts
  • Errors & Omissions Coverage

Other Coverages:

  • Medical Payments—$5,000 Limit or more
  • Pesticide/Herbicide Applicator Coverage—Up to Policy Limits available

In-Transit Pollution Coverage:

  • Varying limits available
  • Lost Key Coverage—$25,000 Limit depending on carrier

Property Coverage for Landscaping Businesses

If you operate your business out of a building, you may need proper coverage for it. You also own assets that are likely critical to the work you do. Our policies can help minimize risks to these assets. You never have to pay for more coverage than you need. You also always need to consider your coverage as your business grows.

We encourage you to select property insurance that covers your assets, including:

  • Building
  • Business Personal Property
  • Business Income
  • Basic, Broad or Special Form
  • Replacement Cost or ACV
  • Accounts Receivable

We also offer coverage for additional property you may own. If you have assets that fit into these areas, a customized policy can help cover your losses substantially. We offer coverage such as:

  • Outside the Premises
  • Computer Equipment
  • Contractors’ Equipment
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Outside Signs
  • Valuable Papers

Crime Coverage for Landscaping Companies

Unfortunately, theft of money and/or your products by employees is an all to common occurrence. If you have employees that do your bookkeeping this is vital coverage. If you have employees picking up supplies you need to have coverage and also make sure you have proper procedures in place to prevent these types of thefts. We are here to provide suggestions.

  • Inside the Premises—Theft of Money and Securities
  • Inside the Premises—Robbery or Safe Burglary
  • Employee theft of product
  • Diversion of your bank funds
  • Fraudulent invoices

How Much Does Landscaping Insurance Cost?

While numerous factors influence the cost of landscaping insurance as a small startup you might get started for $1,000-$2,000 per year. It really depends on your size and exposures. When you reach out to our team at Balsiger Insurance, we will learn about your business, including what you do, the assets your company owns, and the type of risks you are facing. We then research companies like your own to find out what risks and claims they typically make. This, along with information about the size of your company and your sales, allows us to create a customized plan to address your needs. As your broker we can be your one stop for insurance. You have better things to do like build and maintain your business! Let us do the leg work in finding the best combination of pricing, coverage and of course service.

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