Is Your Car Axle Broken: What Causes a Broken Axle?

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Is a broken axle repairable? What causes a broken axle? These and many more questions are what we will consider in this article.

The axles of the car are responsible for transferring power to the wheels from the transmission. This is so for the vehicle to be able to move.

Once the axle starts turning, the car wheel will start moving. If a car has a damaged axle, the wheel will not move.

There are so many things that could break or damage the axle. Axles are normally built strong and tough. However, when a vehicle is overloaded, it can break it, since it bears the car’s weight.

Once the axle of your car begins to damaged, there are many symptoms you will notice.

If you notice vibrating when accelerating, or noises when going in turns then, there is every tendency that your axle is becoming damaged.

Damaged axle may occur when the car shocks are become worn out. You can get a broken axle if the shocks are hitting potholes continuously on the road and damage the vehicle in the process.

This is because the axle constantly adapts to the road condition, so the flexing and rotating will wear it out thereby leading to failure or broken car axle.

Is Your Car Axle Broken: What Causes a Broken Axle?

The condition of the axle of a car determines the performance of its wheel and suspension system.

They are powerful tools that are in charge of steering, braking, driving, and to transfer power to the car tires from the engine. A bad axle can be very costly to fix.

If your car axle is broken and you like to learn more about car axle problems and cost and how to fix it yourself then, this is the post for you.

Below the highlight of this post today:

  • what causes a broken axle
  • is a broken axle repairable
  • How do you know if you have a broken axle
  • what happens if your axle breaks while driving
  • how to move a car with a broken axle
  • how long does it take to fix a broken axle

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What Causes a Broken Axle?

There are different things that could cause axle of a car to get damaged. The axle is the part of a car that is responsible for bearing its weight.

Therefore, the axle can get broken if a vehicle is overweight. Axle will break, if it does not have the required strength needed to carry the weight of the car.

An older car has a higher probability of developing damaged axle than a new car. As vehicles become older, their axles get fragile and weak.

This will diminish their toughness and strength. Another huge reason that could cause damaged axle is the condition of the road you are driving the vehicle.

Driving a car on a road filled with bumps and potholes can affect the axle. It will put maximum stress on the axle and make it wear.

Those stress and wear on a long time is what make your car axle to go bad but is a broken axle repairable? Let’s talk about that next. car axle broken

Is a Broken Axle Repairable?

Well, I will say that repairing a broken axles is possible but not advisable and that because repairing a car axles 99% of the time goes bad again in very short period of time even when you feel you have done a solid work.

This can lead to a serious accident. It most recommended you replace your axle when they go bad.

How Do You Know If You Have a Broken Axle?

There are many symptoms you will notice when your vehicle axle is damaged. Once you notice any of these signs, you need to take the axle to professionals for repair. Some of these signs are as follows:

Broken Brakes

The brake of the car will begin to malfunction once the axle is getting worn out. If you notice that the brake of your car is not aligning properly with the wheels, then you might have to consider taking the car into a mechanic for a complete diagnosis.

If you keep waiting, the car will only become worse.

Leaking grease

If you notice that grease is leaking under your car or inside the tire then, you can mean that you have a leaking axle boot.

Once you notice this, it is important to take it in for repair as soon as possible. A leaking axle boot does not mean the axle is completely damaged.

You need to perform regular inspections to check for leaks in the axle boot.

Vibration and Wobbling

If your vehicle experiences incessant vibration after colliding with a pothole or any object, it is a huge sign of a broken axle.

When it is vibrating, you will notice an unusual noise under the car and a sluggish driving.

This might be due to a bent axle. The vibrations can affect the safety and comfort of the vehicle. If this is the case, the axle is damaged completely and would need urgent replacement.

Clanking or Clunking Noise

If you want to put your car in gear and you notice a loud clunking or clanking noise then, it is very possible that the axle of the car is faulty.

The noise is informing the driver that the transmission system is failing. It is making this sound because the transmission is not able to give power to the wheels adequately.

You might notice the noises getting louder when you are taking a sharp turn. A car finding it difficult to get power once it starts moving is another faulty axle sign.

What Happens if Your Axle Breaks while Driving?

It is possible for the axle of the car to get damaged completely while the car is in motion. If the axle of the car gets damaged while driving, one of the car’s wheels will lose power and the car will pull to one side.

Once the wheel breaks down completely, the car will be unable to move. This is because the wheel of the car will no longer turn even if the engine is still running.

There is a probability that smoke will start coming out of the axle and the front tires will not point in the same directions. What you will have to do is call a tow trunk and take it into a mechanic.

On some occasion depending on the speed level you were driving on when the car axle problems surface, holding brake automatically at that point could cause your car to tumble and lead to fatal accident

How to Move a Car with a Broken Axle

If the axle of your car is broken, it is still possible to move the car. Since there is nothing connecting the wheels to the vehicle drive train, you will have to push it. So, even with a broken or damaged axle, you can still push your car.

So you notice your car axle broken, and you decide to take it to the auto parts store but you are wondering how long it will take you to get for the bad axle to be fixed. Well the next topic will address that.

How long does it take to fix a broken axle?

Repairing the axle of a car does not take much time. Once you take it to a mechanic, it may just take about one hour to fix one side of the axle. It does not matter whether it is the front or rear axle, putting it in place and repairing it might take an hour.

However, to replace both axles will take more than one hour, anyway. This is because the car is already in position.

So, if your car’s axle is damaged and you need it repaired, it is advisable you take it to a professional mechanic and you will get it back in no longer time.

Conclusion on What Causes a Broken Axle

The axle is a very important component of a car. You need to look out for any signs that might be warning you that your axle is damaged.

Once you notice it is getting worn out, do not wait for it to get broken before replacing it. In this post we have looked what causes a broken axle, if a broken axle is repairable, how you know if you have a broken axle and what happens if your axle breaks while driving.

I hope this post helped you? At least now you know should be able to know how to move a car with a broken axle and how long does it take to fix a broken axle if you decide to fix your car broken axle problems temporarily till you are able to replace it. car axle broken

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