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1 Are Mazdas Good Cars? Is Mazda Reliable?

Are Mazdas Good Cars? Is Mazda Reliable?
  • Author:
  • Published Date: 08/26/2021
  • Review: 4.87 (945 vote)
  • Summary: Is Mazda reliable? Based on Consumer Reports’ survey, Mazda is considered the most reliable car manufacturer on the market. Their members gave Mazda a score of 
  • Matching search results: Like a conventional piston engine, a rotary engine uses the same compression and combustion principles but works completely differently and with fewer components. The main components of a rotary engine are the housing, the rotor, and the output …

2 5 Car Brands to Buy And 5 to Avoid From Consumer Reports

  • Author:
  • Published Date: 08/26/2021
  • Review: 4.68 (295 vote)
  • Summary: · Car enthusiasts love Mazdas, regular car buyers love Mazdas, and Consumer Reports loves Mazdas, too. It gets a road test score of 76, and with 
  • Matching search results: Minis, especially the two-door hardtop, are practical in the city, quirky, and incredibly fun to drive. Consumer Reports gives the lineup a 72 on the road test, but unfortunately, Mini reliability still scores very low. Owners sure love their Minis, …

3 Are Mazdas Reliable? A Complete Breakdown

  • Author:
  • Published Date: 08/22/2021
  • Review: 4.55 (573 vote)
  • Summary: · Though there are some reported issues here and there, Mazdas are considered reliable. One of the main reasons is that costs are very low when it 
  • Matching search results: When answering, are Mazdas reliable, we took a look at what drivers had to say. In case you have Mazda on your radar and are thinking about the brand for your next vehicle purchase, it seems to be a solid choice and one that’s not going to give you …

4 Are Mazdas Good Cars: Your Questions Answered

Are Mazdas Good Cars: Your Questions Answered
  • Author:
  • Published Date: 08/24/2021
  • Review: 4.36 (497 vote)
  • Summary: · Consumer Reports puts Mazda at the top of the ranking in 2020, with a rating of 83 out of 100. Beating the likes of Honda, Lexus, Hyundai, and 
  • Matching search results: We hope that this article has been helpful for you if you’re thinking of buying a Mazda. But we can only get so much information across through writing. So, as mentioned, be sure to take the car you’re about to buy for a thorough test drive to see …

5 Is Mazda reliable? An unbiased look at the brand

Is Mazda reliable? An unbiased look at the brand
  • Author:
  • Published Date: 03/02/2022
  • Review: 4.08 (311 vote)
  • Summary: Mazda has always had a reputation for manufacturing reliable vehicles. So, the short answer is yes, Mazda is very reliable. In 2019, MotorEasy placed Mazda 19th 
  • Matching search results: Quite often there will be huge differences in the reports from ReliabilityIndex and Which?, this time the story is incredibly similar, with Mazda being awarded an incredible 5 stars out of 5 for new models (up to 3 years old) and a, …

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