Important announcement on NASW-Endorsed Professional Liability Insurance Program (PLI)

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This post is shared from NASW Assurance Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NASW and exists to manage member insurance programs with the social worker’s best interests in mind.

The NASW Assurance Services, Inc. (ASI) and its insurance company, NASW Risk Retention Group (RRG), are pleased to announce that the well-known NASW-Endorsed professional liability insurance program (PLI) will be available to all social workers, regardless of NASW membership status, beginning in May 2018. NASW members will continue receiving all liability products at a discounted rate, including additional member-only insurance benefits. Nonmember policy holders will pay an additional fee for the same product and will be encouraged to consider membership in NASW. Since 2017, we have been offering general and cyber liability products to nonmember social work professionals at a nonmember rate.

Why offer these products to nonmember social workers?

The NASW liability insurance products are among the most valued insurance programs in the profession and are exclusively designed for social workers with unique benefits that can best safeguard social work professionals. We insure more social workers than any other insurance company in the United States.

Given liability insurance is essential to social work professionals, ASI and the RRG have worked with NASW to open this opportunity to the entire profession. Offering our products to nonmember social workers allows us to reach more individuals seeking professional malpractice coverage. We will provide our nonmember customers communication about the importance and professional value of NASW, maintaining a key connection, coupled with engagement around the many additional benefits of membership. The broader customer base and the nonmember rate differential will further expand our financial capacity, help keep premiums competitive in the marketplace, and provide greater support to the Association. A higher rate for nonmember social workers also provides a financial incentive that encourages them to consider membership.

How might this change impact our member value proposition (Why should current NASW members keep their membership)?

Since 2012 social workers have had other options for affordable liability insurance that do not require membership. We anticipate that some current members may decide to forego membership and purchase the nonmember coverage. However, we believe that any losses in current policyholder members will be more than offset by prospective new members that ASI will attract to NASW through their expanded marketing of NASW liability products.

Moreover, NASW members receive liability products at a discounted rate, plus additional liability benefits only available for them. Finally, PLI coverage represents just one part of the complete value members receive from their ongoing affiliation with NASW. Social workers join NASW to advance in their careers, to network and connect with colleagues and to protect their practice.

NASW members enjoy benefits and networking provided by both their chapter and the national office. Membership is important to continue to receive discounts on a number of benefits including conferences, professional development (like online CE courses), award-winning publications and other educational resources as well as other useful products and services. In addition, current members receive assistance navigating the social work licensure requirements in their state and benefit from the legislative and regulatory advocacy efforts at both the national and chapter levels.

How do NASW members get the preferred pricing?

During enrollment or renewal, either online or over the phone, NASW members simply provide their valid membership identification number. A real-time membership verification process happens before a nonmember enrolls in any liability insurance product to ensure they are receiving the appropriate pricing.

Do current NASW member policyholders need to take action?

Current NASW member policyholders do not need to take action. They will continue to receive full access to all their member benefits through NASW and preferred pricing for their liability products. We are prepared to address any individual questions or concerns from our current policyholders.

Anyone interested in purchasing a new policy, renewing their current coverage, or discussing their current liability product should contact the NASW Assurance Services Member Care Unit available at 855-385-2160, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET or visit

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