How to Ship a Car to Another State

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  • Having your car shipped to another state is not overly complicated as long as understand the basic principles of the car shipping process.
  • The key to having your vehicle transported cross country without any problems whatsoever is to find and hire an experienced, trustworthy, and affordable professional car shipping company.
  • In addition to securing the services of one of the best car shippers in the country, your other major task is to prepare your own car for transport using a detailed car shipping checklist.

Table of Contents

  • How to ship your car to another state
  • Nothing but the best auto shipper for you!
  • How to find dependable auto shippers
  • How much does it cost to transport a car to another state?
  • What’s the average cost to ship a car to another state?
  • How to prepare a car for transport?
  • Shipping my car to another state is complete. Now what?

It may be all old news to you, but it’s still good to remember that moving to a new state can be as tough as it gets. The real challenges are often due to the extraordinary number of things to do prior to the move itself – something closely linked to notorious lack of sufficient time to finish on time those numerous tasks.

How to ship a car to another stateAnd, if circumstances force you to ship a car to another state, then your interstate residential move will inevitably become a notch or two more difficult as a result.

How to ship a vehicle from one state to another?

How to find the best auto transportation company for the job?

How much is it to ship a car to another state?

How to prepare a car for transport?

What to do after you’ve had your car transported to the new state?

The car transportation guide below will give you very useful information on what you need to know and do in order to organize your state to state vehicle transport in the best possible way.

How to ship your car to another state

To ship your car to another state is a very specific service which, obviously, you can’t manage on your own. The thing is that you can actually move some or all of your household items by yourself if favorable conditions do exist – short distance, good and reliable friends, and no specialty or valuable items to move. Renting a moving truck can be tricky but is still perfectly manageable, as is packing up an entire home without professional assistance. Yes, self-moving is a viable option when moving locally and when you know what you’re doing.

However, you can’t possibly transport a car to another state all by yourself unless you drive it. And considering the fact that you’ve already decided not to drive across the country but to use another mode of transport to reach your new home (taking a plane in most cases), then it’s time to browse through the best car shippers in the USA, and choose the right one for you.

Speaking of reliable car transportation companies (read how to choose one below), there are just a few things you don’t want to happen when shipping a car to another state – no more than 3, let’s say 4. Is it really too much to ask?

  • Ship my car to another state
    Experience, trustworthiness, professionalism, and affordability. Is it really too much to ask from a car shipper?

    #1: You don’t want to find any damage to your vehicle when you have it delivered to your new home – no dents, no scratches, no paint chips, NOTHING!

  • #2: You don’t want your car shipping company to be late with the delivery. A few hours late should be okay, a few days late is NOT. After all, you’re paying for punctuality as well, right?
  • #3: You don’t want your auto transporter to overcharge you without a good reason. You know they could make up a million and one reasons to charge you more than they promised to charge you, but you also know that that’s not what professionalism is all about.
  • #4: You definitely don’t want to deal with any problems when shipping a car from one state to another. Yes, this is exactly what you’re paying for – to have experienced professionals handle your car transport job problem-free so that you can concentrate on other important things, like planning and organizing your own household move.

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