How to Sell Auto Parts Online: A Guide to Zoom Toward Success

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It’s an omnichannel world out there. Consumers are no longer going to one place to purchase products. There is price comparison, convenience shopping and even location-driven shopping.

For the automarket industry, an omnichannel approach should prove beneficial for online sales. When you are researching how to sell auto parts online, consider the following channels:

1. Your own ecommerce store.

You have complete control over your ecommerce store. That means you won’t get hit with fees tacked on to each sale — unlike with eBay and Amazon — and you can price your products however you’d like.

A proprietary ecommerce storefront also means that you can better communicate your brand and build more direct relationships with potential customers. Customer relationships can lead to loyalty and repeat business, and customer retention can be much more cost-effective than acquisition.

Ensuring effective on-site search is a necessity for customer experience and will add a layer of complexity, but the benefits to your brand may well be worth it. With BigCommerce, building a beautiful, effective online store has never been easier. You can completely customize your auto parts website without any coding required, drive sales with responsive templates and deliver a personalized shopping experience.

2. eBay.

eBay is a great place to sell auto parts, especially if you’re selling rare parts. As of the beginning of 2022, there are nearly 160 million eBay users worldwide — double what it was in 2010.

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It’s also a popular place for auto parts: according to eBay Motors, there are about 110 million active auto parts listings, and three parts or accessories are sold each second. eBay provides a number of tools to facilitate automotive sellers, including tools to help simplify adding fitment to your listings. Unlike other online platforms, eBay doesn’t charge active subscriptions. There are selling and final value fees, but with 250 free listings a month, it shouldn’t be a hassle for any burgeoning business.

3. Amazon Marketplace.

Amazon’s marketplace also helps small businesses open themselves up to a larger audience. With a user share of 82% in the United States, Amazon was by far the most used online store over the prior 12 months.

There are some things to note about using Amazon to sell your auto parts. Unlike building your own store or using Amazon, there can be significant costs. To sell auto parts, you must be on the Professional selling plan which costs $39.99 per month, along with referral fees. Automotive and Powersports is also a restricted category when selling on Amazon, with specific rules in place to protect both vendors and customers.

4. All three channels combined.

Thankfully, with an ecommerce site builder like BigCommerce, business owners don’t have to choose between eBay, Amazon and their own platform when looking at how to sell auto parts online.

Customers now shop in more places than they ever have before. With multichannel ecommerce, you can sell your products across all touchpoints — without additional development work. Connect your store with our simple, multichannel integration eBay and Amazon plugins available on the BigCommerce app store.

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