How to Pick a Car Lock With a Bobby Pin in a Second

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how to pick a car lock with a bobby pin

Wonder how to pick a car lock with a bobby pin? This method can actually pull you out of troublesome situations where you lose the car keys. But, it only works with traditional car door locks. Just focus on creating a tension lever and a pick tool using bobby pins when doing so.

This tutorial will help you on how to unlock a car door with a bobby pin.

What You Need

To successfully open a car door with a bobby pin, you need to have the right tools. These items are easy to find, so you won’t have to waste much time looking for them. You can check the nearest hardware store in the area or bring them along just in case.

What to Do


Step 1: Create a tension lever and a pick tool using bobby pins

To create a tension lever:

Step 2: Insert the tension lever at the bottom of the keyhole

After you are done making your picking tools:

Step 3: Place the pick tool on the upper part of the keyhole

You can now insert the pick on the upper part of the keyhole. Move the pick upward and downward. It may take you some time before you can move the barrels and get the right combination. This can also be challenging if your car has a different locking mechanism. Keep doing this procedure until you have successfully opened the door of your car.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use a bobby pin to open all kinds of car doors?

No. There are car doors that have more complicated locking mechanisms than ordinary ones. If your car has a traditional lock, you can follow this tutorial. However, if it has a more advanced lock, you should call a locksmith to help you out.

What are the other ways to open my car aside from using bobby pins?

Aside from using bobby pins, you can also use long strings, a coat hanger, slim jims, or a screwdriver to open the door of your car. You can check other tutorials to help you out on how you can open the car door using these items.

Will I damage my car door lock if I pick it with bobby pins?

No, you won’t damage your car door lock. It will still work the way it worked before. However, don’t exert too much force on the locking mechanism while picking the lock to prevent damaging it.

Can I rekey my car door lock after I lost my keys?

Yes, you can rekey your car door lock with the help of a professional locksmith. The internal components of the lock cylinder will be replaced so that you can use a new key to open it. It may cost you about $120.

Why does the car door lock malfunction?

If you are using a key fob, it may be because its battery is dead or already faulty. If only one car door malfunctions while the other works properly, check if the fuse blew or the solenoid needs replacement. Another reason for a malfunctioning door lock is a broken wire.


Did our tutorial on how to pick a car lock with a bobby pin help you out? By following the steps, you can pick a car door lock with a bobby pin. This method is useful if you lost your keys or left them inside your car.

If you find this article useful, we would be glad if you share it with your friends. Getting locked out of the car may cause panic, but not if you know what to do. We would also love to know your experiences while doing the tutorial. Just leave a comment below.

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