How to Cancel GEICO Auto Insurance

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Do you want to cancel your GEICO insurance policy? If you need to cancel your car insurance policy, you might be a bit confused by the process. Where can you find out how to cancel GEICO car insurance? We have all the answers you need right here.

Read on for everything you need to know about how to cancel GEICO insurance, including how to cancel GEICO DriveEasy. We’ll also explain the advantages of comparing multiple auto insurance quote from other companies is important before you cancel.

Read on to learn more about how to cancel GEICO insurance. But if you’re ready to compare multiple insurance companies near you, enter your ZIP code in the free online quote tool above.

How do you cancel GEICO auto insurance?

Steps for canceling your policy are listed on the company’s website. But we’ve researched this process for you.

Follow these steps to learn how to cancel GEICO car insurance.

  • Step #1 – Contact GEICO insurance customer service at 1-800-841-1587
  • Step #2 – Tell the automated system that you want to “cancel insurance policy”
  • Step #3 – When prompted, say “auto”
  • Step #4 – Provide your GEICO policy number

At some point, you’ll have an option to cancel immediately or on a specific date.

Can you cancel GEICO insurance online?

No, you can’t. GEICO doesn’t allow you to cancel insurance policies online. You can only cancel your GEICO insurance policy by phone.

Can you cancel a GEICO policy by fax number?

The answer is no. GEICO usually handles cancellations by phone. If an agent requests a cancellation letter by fax, send them a letter in addition to calling customer service.

How do I cancel my GEICO account by mail?

GEICO doesn’t have specific instructions on how to cancel your account by mail. However, you can send a cancellation letter by mail to this address: One GEICO Plaza, Washington, D.C. 20076.

Include your name, address, policy number, and why you want to cancel your GEICO account.

Pick a date to cancel your insurance policy. This gives you enough time to find another car insurance policy to replace your GEICO insurance.

How do you cancel GEICO DriveEasy?

You can cancel the GEICO DriveEasy usage-based insurance program by calling 1-800-841-3000. Tell the representative that you want to unenroll from GEICO DriveEasy.

When you cancel, your car insurance policy may apply the GEICO DriveEasy score you had before cancellation.

Why should I cancel my GEICO insurance policy?

There are multiple reasons why you may want to cancel. Here are signs that it may be time to cancel your GEICO auto insurance policy.

  • You moved to another state
  • Your marital status has changed
  • Your vehicle was sold or totaled
  • You’ve placed your car in storage
  • Another company has your auto insurance policy
  • The car insurance cost is too expensive
  • You found cheaper rates with another company

Although these reasons are legitimate, GEICO may try to convince you to stay for the same reasons. If you’re sure that you want to cancel, set a cancellation date 30 days after you announce your cancellation just in case you change your mind.

How do I compare multiple auto insurance companies?

Before canceling your GEICO insurance policy, take a few days to compare multiple companies. Comparing GEICO auto insurance quotes to other insurance companies shows which company provides the best deal.

Let’s examine some of the cheapest car insurance companies in the United States.

Erie car insurance is the cheapest auto insurance company on the list. However, car insurance rates vary for each driver.

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), the average cost of auto insurance is $90 a month.

If your personal factors line with affordable GEICO auto insurance, you may want to stay with GEICO. But don’t buy GEICO auto insurance immediately if you know you can get a better deal.

Can I save money if I bundle another insurance policy?

GEICO has several insurance types. You can get term life insurance quotes from the GEICO Insurance Agency LLC. Bundle your life insurance with your car insurance policy to save 10% or more on GEICO monthly rates.

How do I file a GEICO auto insurance claim?

Filing a GEICO car insurance claim is simple. Before you call GEICO, follow these steps.

  • Step #1 – Call the authorities and let them know you were in an accident
  • Step #2 – Take photos of the damage
  • Step #3 – Contact GEICO’s customer service number and tell the automated system you need to file a claim
  • Step #4 – Receive a copy of the police report
  • Step #5 – Follow up on your claim by providing photos, a copy of the police report, and other personal information

A GEICO claim representative will walk you through the claim process. You may receive emails and phone calls related to your claim. Also, you can track your claim online.

Can I file a GEICO auto insurance claim online?

The answer is yes. Here’s the step-by-step process for filing a GEICO car insurance claim online.

  • Step #1 – Visit GEICO’s website, and click on the “Menu” icon in the upper right-hand corner of the web page
  • Step #2 – When the menu rolls out, click on “Information”
  • Step #3 – Click on “Claims and Roadside Help”
  • Step #4 – Click on “Report a Claim”
  • Step #5 – Finally, click an open circle next to the explanation that applies to you
  • Step #6 – Click the “Start Claim” button

You can also start a claim using the GEICO Mobile App. GEICO’s smartphone app is available on Google Play and Apple App Store.


How to Cancel GEICO Auto Insurance: The Bottom Line

The GEICO Insurance Agency, LLC has made canceling insurance easy. You only need to make a phone call to cancel your auto insurance policy.

But it’s in your best interest to pick a date to cancel. It gives you time to change your mind and provides plenty of time to secure another car insurance policy.

Now that you know how to cancel GEICO insurance, use our free comparison tool below to compare multiple insurance companies in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions: How to Cancel GEICO Auto Insurance

Do you want to know more about GEICO insurance? Then read these answers to learn more.

#1 – Is GEICO a good auto insurance company?

GEICO is one of the top 10 car insurance companies in the United States. It’s also rated as one of the best companies under J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction ratings.

#2 – What is GEICO’s A.M Best rating?

GEICO has an A++ rating with A.M. Best

#3 – What is GEICO’s Standard and Poor’s rating?

GEICO has an AA+ rating with Standard & Poor’s (S&P).

#4 – Is GEICO owned by Allstate?

No, it isn’t. Berkshire Hathaway owns GEICO.

#5 – What does GEICO stand for?

GEICO is an acronym for Government Employees Insurance Company.

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