How much does an EKG Cost without Insurance?

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The average cost of an electrocardiogram is approximately $205 for emergency care. The price varies depending on the state and the hospital, clinic, or health care center where you go.

According to the estimates of some doctors, the price ranges from $175 to $299. Some health care centers bill for the electrocardiogram and the medical consultation and the treatments applied; others offer you a detailed breakdown of each expense.

Approximate prices of an electrocardiogram without insurance

Prices depend on the health center you go to, and the area where you live also has an influence. Electrocardiograms done in hospitals have higher prices than those in smaller medical centers.

Even when done at a walk-in clinic or urgent care center, the price may be lower than going to a hospital. The average costs according to different cities break down as follows:

  • EKG cost in New York, New York – $180 – $4,700
  • Cost of EKG in Los Angeles, California – $330 – $4,30
  • Cost of EKG in Houston, Texas – $170 – $2,400
  • Average EKG cost in the U.S.: $1,750
  • The average cost of EKG in urgent care: is $200

It is also advisable to request a quote before proceeding with the test, which will help you choose the health center that best fits your budget.

Factors that influence the price of the electrocardiogram

As you have observed, there is no fixed price for the electrocardiogram, the state where you are and the health care center are only one of the factors that can influence the final price.

Additional medical tests

Tests such as blood tests are additional costs will be different prices; will add them to the visit and EKG fee. If there is no in-house lab at the facility, you will need to go to their recommended lab.

Any prescription medication

To the price of the EKG, you must add all the following procedures and medications. After the test, if any problems are noted, you will be told what medications you need to start taking.

Additional costs for the test

The electrocardiogram will be done by the person in charge of the area, but to know the results, you must go to a specialist cardiologist to read and analyze the results; this is between $50 and $100.

In addition, they usually ask for the stress test, which would be between $100 and $500 additional, and the basic metabolic panel, which could be between $20 and $150.

When do you need to have an electrocardiogram?

Some physical symptoms will indicate when it is time to do an electrocardiogram; among the most recurrent are:

  • Chest pain or discomfort
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Palpitations or rapid heartbeat
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

How to choose the best place for the electrocardiogram without insurance?

When you do not have health insurance, it is common for concerns to arise about paying for the necessary tests; there are a few tips that may help you make the right choice. To begin with, look for small medical centers.

Never opt for a hospital if you do not have health insurance; large private hospitals have higher fees. Likewise, before going to any place, make a price comparison.

Look for the medical directory of your city and call the nearest health care centers; when you ask for the electrocardiogram, also ask if there is any additional price. Some assistance centers have discounts for payment in cash or with credit cards in advance.

Knowing all these discounts is an excellent solution for taking advantage of any offer and reducing costs.

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