How Much Do Antibiotics Cost Without Insurance in 2021?

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The average cost of generic antibiotics without insurance is about $42.67, while the average cost for brand-name antibiotics is $221.75. You can take several steps to reduce the amount you pay for antibiotics, such as asking for the generic version instead of the brand-name medication.

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Cost of Antibiotics Without Insurance

The average cost of generic antibiotics without insurance is about $42.67, while the average cost for brand-name antibiotics is $221.75. However, the price you pay will depend on several factors, such as the antibiotic you are prescribed, your insurance coverage, and whether you get the generic or brand name antibiotic.

Cost of Common Antibiotics Without Insurance

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The type of antibiotic you are prescribed will depend on what condition is being treated, its severity, and the strength of your immune system. When possible, you should always choose the generic option, as they typically work just as well as brand-name antibiotics but are often significantly less expensive.

When individuals need drugs that aren’t as widely used, the prices go up even more than this table represents. It’s important to have some coverage to make sure you can afford all of the medications you need. Even with traditional insurance, you could still have to pay more than the listed price, or you may have to pay everything out of pocket until you’ve met a certain deductible.

Lowering the Cost of Antibiotics

The cost of antibiotics can be expensive when paying without insurance. Below we outline some tips to help you reduce the price you pay for antibiotics.

  1. Get a generic antibiotic: When your doctor prescribes you an antibiotic, you should get the generic rather than brand-name medication. In most cases, the generic antibiotic is just as effective as the brand name and is significantly less expensive.
  2. Check prices at multiple pharmacies: The cost of antibiotics can vary greatly depending on what pharmacy you get the medication from. You can call pharmacies near you or use Mira’s prescription portal to see the cost of antibiotics without insurance at various pharmacies.
  3. Discount programs: Some pharmacies offer discounted medications for people who have a membership. For example, Costco, Kroger, Price Chopper, Wegmans, Walmart, and Publix, among others, may offer discounted antibiotics for those with a membership.
  4. MiraRX: Through MiraRX, members can access discount codes that can be used for antibiotics and other prescriptions. Mira members also get access to $5 virtual care visits and $99 urgent care visits, where a doctor can help determine if you need an antibiotic and prescribe one if necessary.

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