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Bumper Pull Trailers

This is the most common trailer type used in the hotshot business. They are popular because they are versatile. One advantage of using this trailer is you do not need a CDL as long as the combined weight is not over 10,000 lbs. Another reason these are favored is that they are more affordable than a gooseneck trailer.

There are some disadvantages though. One would be that bumper trailers are smaller than other trailers, limiting your load sizes. Another disadvantage is that you are in for trouble if your truck weight is less than your load weight. Very likely, you will encounter trailer swaying & trailer instability.

Gooseneck Trailers

The gooseneck trailer is an ideal trailer for the hot shot business. There are a number of advantages of using a gooseneck trailer. One of those advantages is its tight turning radius. Being able to turn sharply comes in handy when getting into those tight spots. For most in the hot shot business, the stability of the gooseneck trailer makes it a favorite. You can feel comfortable carrying a large load and delivering it safely to a customer. Something to keep in mind is that some states do have laws restricting these trailers. You also might have to get licensing and training to operate some of the longer gooseneck trailers.

Tilt Deck Trailers

The tilt deck trailer provides a safe and efficient way to unload big heavy loads in an easy way. With this trailer, you can load large items right from the ground. If your item has wheels, you simply roll it onto this trailer. This increases safety by removing some of the hazards of lifting items onto a traditional trailer.

Lowboy Trailers

The lowboy trailer is designed to carry heavy loads with a low center of gravity. When they are unhooked from the truck, they lay flat on the ground, which makes it easy to load.

Dovetail Trailers

The dovetail trailer is one of the most used trailers in hotshot trucking. These trailers are defined in large part by the gradual angle down at the tail end of these trailers. Because of this gradual angle, it makes it easy to load vehicles with low clearance. These trailers often have a good resale value because they are so useful. There is one drawback though, and that is the fact that the dovetail hangs down, and there are some places where this might drag on the ground if the incline is too steep.

Car Hauling Trailers

The car hauling trailer plays a big role in the hot shot industry. Car companies and dealers have recognized how efficient and cost-effective this new industry is. As a result, this business has been growing and is projected to grow substantially in the next few years.

There are a number of trailers in the car hauling family. There is the Single Car Trailer, Two Car Trailer, Gooseneck Car Trailer, and the most popular trailer in this family, the Wedge Car Trailer. The Wedge Car Trailer has a number of benefits. One of which is the ability to place a vehicle above the bed of your truck. This gives you a much longer deck length than a gooseneck trailer. Also, the deck on the wedge trailer is at an angle, so all you need is some ramps, and you can easily load vehicles right onto the trailer.

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