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Hot shot trucking includes small hauls in a given specific time to a single customer or location.

The loads are usually delivered using medium-duty trucks that pull flatbed trailers.

It is a relatively small section of the transportation industry, but it`s demand has progressively grown.


The main definition of Hot Shot Trucking means delivering cargo within tight deadlines.

It differs from the regular trucking, because in this segment of transportation, it is all about speed.

Hotshot freight states to hauling freight for a shipper in need of expedited delivery — the load is posted today and requests to be hauled today.

The term “hot shot” was invented in the oilfields of Texas.

There pickup trucks would transport parts needed for drilling and pumping operations.

A professional hot shot truck driver could earn between $60,000 to $120,000 yearly gross.


A variety of truck types can be used for hot shot trucking.

The most common are medium-duty trucks, Class 3,4 or 5.

Class 3 medium duty truck have a weight limit of 10,001-14,000 pounds or 4,536-6,350 kilograms.

The most common types are the Chevrolet Silverado 3500, the GMC Sierra 3500, the Ford F-350, and the Ram 3500.

Hot shot trucking freightech

Class 4 medium duty trucks have weight of 14,001-16,000 pounds.

In this classification most known are the Chevrolet Silverado 4500, Ford F-450, and the Ram 4500.


The Class 5 medium duty trucks weight around 16,001-19,500 pounds.

In this class some of the lightest commercial trucks are also categorized like Kenworth T170, Peterbilt 325, and International TerraStar.

hot shot trucks

Usually, hot shot trucks have four axles and haul more than 10,000lbs.

The trailers have 20ft-40ft usable deck space.

They are perfect for shipping vehicles, equipment and machinery.


1.Lower Start-up Costs

The initial costs are way lower than the ones for Class 8 long-haul drivers.

Usually the start-up costs range from $15,000 – $30,000.

Hot shot trucking equipment consists of medium-duty truck and trailer.

If you already own a truck or a trailer, these costs can be minimized.

Anyone who operates with a commercial motor vehicle, including hot shot truck drivers, must obtain a DOT Medical card.

The DOT Medical Card covers the medical history, vision, hearing and urine and blood tests.

It costs around $120.

2.Simple Licensing Procedure

Hot shot truckers need commercial license, but not a CDL license.

Many states do not require CDL if the vehicles do not weight over 26,000lbs.

But some states, require CDL for vehicles weighting more than 10,000lbs.

3.Good Income

As a hot shot trucker, it is easy to find steady work which leads to good income.

Providing same-day deliveries helps creating positive relationship with the clients.

Because usually there hauls are urgent, sometime businesses pay more.

Rates change depending on the type of haul.

Typically, they range from $1 – $2 per mile, depending on the load and location.

4.More Home Time

While driving shorter distances, drivers are enjoying more home time.

5.Own Trucking Business

As a hot shot trucker you choose where you deliver cargo and how often.

Like any small business, you are responsible for scheduling times, all the costs, maintenance and taxes.

Usually hot shot trucks require lower maintenance needs.

6.Local Loads

Mostly hot shot truckers tend to make local load deliveries or regional.

Given that, drivers provide faster delivery than the traditional shipping.

Local Loads Hot Shot Trucking

Hot shot trucking can be a great way to explore your interests in getting a CDL license and driving a big semi-truck.


→ Construction Equipment


→ Oil Fields

Hot Shot Trucking Oil Fields

→ RV Hauling

RV Hauling hot shot trucking

→ Livestock

Livestock Hot shot Trucking

→ Cars

Hot Shot Trucking Cars Hauling

→ Boat Transport

Boat Hot Shot Trucking

→ Home improvement centers and contractors

Home Improvement center hot shot trucking


First, apply for USDOT and MC Numbers.

The application goes through the FMCSA administration`s website.

USDOT number is a unique number for the company, so it can be easily identified when safety reports are needed, crash investigations, reviews and inspections.

MC Number is needed if the truck is going to cross the state lines.

The next step is purchasing an insurance with a minimum policy of $1,000,000 in liability coverage.

Hot shot insurance policies are the same as the rest of the insurance policies for truckers.

Policies for a hot shot trucking can vary from $7,000 to $12,000 annually.

The next step is purchasing an equipment which is far cheaper than Class 8 trucking business equipment.

Hot shot equipment includes a medium-duty pick-up truck and a flatbed trailer.

For finding a hot shot loads to haul, truck drivers use load boards.

The DAT TruckersEdge provides a great load board information and it`s used very commonly.

Another solution is 123 Loadboard, whose postings include full loads.

There is monthly fee charge.

Hot Shot Carrier Load board is also a good source of loads.

It includes an active Profit Calculator and it`s free of charge for the current postings of available loads.

Expedite Load Board categorizes their hot shot loads and make the search process for loads to be easier.


Hot Shot Trucking is one of the fastest growing start-up business in the transportation industry. Hopefully, this post will help you discover the benefits and disadvantages of Hot Shot trucking, and make a better decision if this is the type of job you want.

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