Group 20-Year Level Term Life

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Valuable Living Benefit Provision “Accelerated Death Benefit” The “Accelerated Death Benefit” option is available to help terminally ill insureds during a difficult and often financially challenging time. Under this provision you may request one advance payment equal to 50 percent of your (or an insured dependent’s) in force life insurance to be paid while the terminally ill person is still alive. The request must be made at least 12 months prior to the insured person’s scheduled coverage termination age and the amount of insurance payable after the insured’s death will be reduced by this payment. (Premium contributions will not be reduced.)

This money can be used to help cover high prescription drug costs…medical bills…outstanding debts…to help pay for experimental treatments…the cost of modifications to your home…or for a family vacation—the choice is yours.

To qualify, a terminally ill insured must provide New York Life Insurance Company with proof of terminal illness and anticipated life expectancy (12 months or less), as well as any other necessary medical information requested. For additional details and limitations, please see the Certificate of Insurance.

Please note that receipt of Accelerated Death Benefits may affect your eligibility for public assistance programs and may be taxable. Prior to applying to receive such benefits, you should consult with the appropriate social services agency and seek the advice of a qualified tax advisor.

No Exclusions

Benefits are paid for death from any cause, at anytime, anywhere in the world. The validity of any amount of your life insurance which has been in force for two years during an insured’s lifetime will not be contested except for insurance eligibility provisions and non-payment of premium contributions.

Your Choice of Beneficiary

You may select any person, persons, trust or other legal entity as your beneficiary. If, at the time of your death, there are no surviving beneficiaries, benefits will be paid to the executor or administrator of your estate, or at the option of New York Life, to the surviving relatives in the following order of survival: spouse; children equally; parents equally; or brothers and sisters equally.

Ownership of Insurance “Owner” means the person or entity with rights of ownership of this insurance as described in the Certificate of Insurance. If a transfer of ownership has been recorded by or on behalf of New York Life Insurance Company, or if initial ownership is by other than the member according to the information provided on the application, references throughout this Policy Information to “you” or “member” will mean “owner,” as applicable.

Effective Date

Insurance will take effect on the date your application is approved by New York Life Insurance Company provided the initial contribution is paid within 31 days after the date you are billed (send no money now) and any person to be insured is actively performing the normal activities of a person in good health of like age [Note: Residents of NC: a person of like age] on the date after approval. Any person who is not performing his/her normal daily activities as required will not become insured until the day he/she is performing such activities, provided such date is within three months of the date insurance would have been effective and the person is still eligible. Dependent insurance will not take effect unless the member is insured on a premium-paying basis.

When Coverage Ends

Coverage will end when the insured person reaches age 75 (23 for children, or 25 for children who are full-time students) or earlier if: (a) premium contributions are not paid when due, (b) ASME membership ends, (c) the group policy is terminated or modified by the Policyholder to end insurance for the group of insured’s to which the member belongs, and (d) if the insured requests to terminate insurance. In addition, dependent child coverage will terminate when the dependent spouse or child ceases to be an eligible dependent. Upon your death, coverage for your insured dependents may continue as described in the Certificate of Insurance.

Renewal Payments And Claims

Once you are approved into the Policy, you will have a 31-day grace period for your payment of renewal premium contributions. When you want to submit a claim, call or write the administrator for claim forms.

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