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Why Work With a Long-Term Disability Denial Lawyer?

For hard-working Americans who have had their long-term disability claims denied, filing an appeal can feel like a Herculean task. It can be difficult to know where your claim went wrong or what mistakes — if any — led to your claim being denied.

That’s why many individuals seek the assistance of a qualified, experienced long-term disability denial lawyer.

If you become a client of Sokolove Law, our long-term disability denial lawyers can guide you through each step of the appeal process, working to both minimize any disruptions to your life and maximize the amount of potential disability pay in your case.

Our denied disability lawyers can help:

  • Develop a strong appeal with a higher probability of success
  • Level the playing field between you and the large insurance companies that denied your claim
  • Put together a dedicated, personalized legal team to assist with your case
  • Provide confidence, knowledge, and support as we navigate the process together
  • Seek the compensation you need to cover car payments, groceries, medical expenses, rent or mortgage payments, and more while you’re unable to work

To learn more or start your free, no-obligation case review, contact Sokolove Law today.

What Does a Long-Term Disability Denial Attorney Do?

A long-term disability denial attorney understands the complex laws governing long-term disability claims and knows how to fight back against insurers on behalf of those whose claims meet long-term disability qualifications but have been wrongfully denied.

By working with an experienced long-term disability attorney, you may have a better chance at filing an appeal that’s more likely to withstand the scrutiny of a large insurance company.

If you become a client of Sokolove Law, our long-term disability denial attorneys can:

  • Gather evidence to support your claim: In order to better understand your situation, our attorneys will work with you to gather all of the necessary details about your circumstances and learn why your claim was denied by your insurer.
  • File your appeal on time: During the appeals process, deadlines are firm. This makes it absolutely critical that your appeal is filed with your insurance carrier within the allotted time limit. Our attorneys will ensure your appeal is thorough, complete, and in the best possible condition before you file.
  • Fight for you in court (if possible): If your appeal is wrongfully denied, the long-term disability attorneys with Sokolove Law may be able to represent you in court and fight to overturn the insurance company’s decision to deny your claim.

Hiring a long-term disability denial attorney may be the best way to appeal your insurer’s decision and pursue any benefits you may be entitled to.

Qualities to Look for in a Long-Term Disability Denial Attorney

Navigating the complex landscape of disability denial is not easy to do without a legal background. Skilled long-term disability denial attorneys have vast experience in this area of the law and understand what’s needed to help you write an appeal that can withstand the challenges of a large insurance company.

When considering hiring a long-term disability attorney to help with your appeal, be sure to look for the following qualities:

A Successful Track Record

At Sokolove Law, our long-term disability denial lawyers have recovered over $120 Million for individuals with wrongfully denied long-term disability claims. Our team has the specific skills and knowledge needed to fight for any disability pay you may be eligible to receive.

Decades of Experience

For over 40 years, attorneys with Sokolove Law have been fighting to secure meaningful compensation on behalf of injured clients nationwide.

Nationwide Reach

Our experienced long-term disability denial attorneys know the individual laws of each state and have experience practicing across America. Our national reach allows us to help people seeking to appeal long-term disability insurance denial in any state.


The LTD attorneys with Sokolove Law have access to resources that can help with denied long-term disability claims, including extensive databases and information from past cases.

No Upfront or Out-of-Pocket Fees

A trustworthy long-term disability denial lawyer should also offer free, no-obligation case reviews and charge no out-of-pocket fees to help with your disability denial appeal.

Qualified long-term disability appeal attorneys work on a contingency basis, which means they only get paid if your case is successful in securing disability benefits.

Get Help Appealing Long-Term Disability Insurance Denial

Sadly, long-term disability denial is very common. In fact, more than half of all LTD claims are denied by insurers. If you’ve received a denial letter — or if your appeal was denied — an experienced long-term disability insurance denial lawyer with Sokolove Law may be able to help.

At Sokolove Law, our long-term disability lawyers have fought on behalf of hardworking Americans who have had their long-term disability claims denied for decades. Over the last 40+ years, we’ve helped hundreds of families successfully navigate the appeals process and recovered over $120 Million wrongfully denied LTD claims.

Start your free, no-obligation case review today or call us at (800) 995-1212 to see if we may be able to help in your situation.

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