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Air conditioning is the most amazing invention of today’s world, especially in the automobile industry. It keeps you cool on hot summer days. If your car AC is not super cold as it usually is.

Here you can find some quick tips & hacks to super cold your car AC instantly. In this powerful article, you are going to learn the seven awesome tips & hacks on how to make a car AC super cold instantly in three minutes.

How To Make Car AC Super Cold

With 7 Quick Tips & Hacks

When summer arrives the AC runs non-stop and continuous usage decreases its efficiency especially when the temperature is high.

AC needs Care for a healthy and long performance. If your car’s AC refrigerant is in the normal range and still it does not cool enough the cabin air. Here are some awesome tips to use AC efficiently.

1. Park In Covered Or Shaded Area

The first tip towards making your car super cold is to park in a covered area. Cooling the car to normal temperature is necessary for smooth driving and it is even more important not to let enter the heat to the car cabin. Therefore, try to park the car away from direct sunlight.

But if you could not stand the car in a shaded area then roll down the window to not build up the heat in the cabin, so that fresh air circulates. Also, window shades can reflect the sunlight, can help lower the heat inside the cabin.

2. Pump Out The Hot Air

The second hack on how to make car AC super cold is pumping out the hot air from the car. People do mistakes, they sit in the car and start the AC. That is incorrect. Whenever you feel the hot air is present in the cabin.

Before starting the AC, roll down all the windows and drive for a few minutes to ventilate the air, so that the hot air escapes, after that you should start the AC.

3. Start The Blower At A Lower Speed

The third tip on how to make a car air conditioner colder is to start the blower at a lower speed. It is better to start the blower at a lower speed as initially, the evaporator is not fully cool enough to remove the heat fastly from the cabin.

In an automatic air-conditioning system, when you turn ON the AC. The blower will start automatically at low mode and gradually increase its speed as the evaporator gets cool. Remember, the same should be done with manually operated AC by adjusting the blower low speed by hand.

4. Use Re-Circulation Mode

The fourth quick tip on how to make an air conditioner run colder is to use the recirculation mode. By using the re-circulation mode, the air inside the cabin circulates repeatedly and will not let outside hot air enter the cabin. So, your AC will not try hard to cool the interior and can easily make the AC colder.

5. Shut The Blower Down After A Few Minutes

The fifth awesome tip on how to make a car air conditioner colder is to shut the blower down after a few minutes when the AC is turned OFF. It is the biggest mistake air conditioner users mostly do.

After a long drive, do not shut off the vehicle directly. The water drops present on the evaporator due to condensation activate bacterial growth. Which builds up foul smell and mildew on the surface of the evaporator.

Conversely, you should turn OFF the AC leaving the blower motor to remain ON for a few minutes to dry out the evaporator. It will save the evaporator from being corroded as well as save your health from a bad smell.

6. The Air Jets Should Point Upward

The sixth important tip on how to make car AC super cold is to point the air jets upward. Sometimes rear passengers cannot get cool air. Because air jets throw the air towards the driver’s face. The correct method of equally distributing the coolness of AC in the car cabin is the air jets should point upward.

7.Do Regular AC Maintenance

The last important tip on how to make car AC blow twice as cold is to do regular AC maintenance. Every car needs maintenance to run on the road. Even every system of the car needs maintenance like engine, brake leather, brake fluid, etc.

Similarly, car air condition also requires regular maintenance to function in an optimum way. One thing you need to know is that every year the vehicle AC loses almost 5% of its original efficiency.

In conclusion, check for refrigerant pressure. And also replace the dirty cabin air filter regularly for maximum efficiency.

The above tips on how to make car AC blow twice as cold are the surefire ways to increase car AC cooling.

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