Does Renters Insurance Cover Kitchen Mishaps?

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It’s Friday night, and you’ve decided to have a dinner party for six of your closest friends. Maybe you decided to try one of our healthy recipes to kick off your new year right. You pour yourself a glass of wine, fire up the frying pan and turn around to prep your vegetables. All of a sudden, you smell something. Something that smells wrong. You turn around and a grease fire is overtaking your counters. You’ve never experienced any kitchen mishaps like this-what do you do?

Kitchen Mishaps: Grease Fires and Smoke Damage

Grease fires are among some of the most common kitchen mishaps that people face, so you’ll need to know how to extinguish one. First and foremost, turn off the heat source, and cover the pot or pan with a metal lid, since fire cannot thrive without oxygen. If it’s a tiny grease fire, pour some baking soda on it (this takes a lot of baking soda, so this method won’t work for larger fires). If it’s a bigger fire or spiraling out of control, use your fire extinguisher.

You’ve managed to escape the wrath of your kitchen-for now. What about the ensuing damage? The good news is, a grease fire would get covered under your renters insurance policy. There are a few different scenarios that change how and what exactly gets covered, depending on what kind of situation you are facing.

With grease fires comes smoke damage, and with smoke damage comes odor. Your carpets will probably need a good steam cleaning (at the very least) to remove the smell. This would be covered by your liability coverage on your renters insurance policy, since your apartment is owned by a landlord or company, and not by you. But did the smoke odor permeate your entire wardrobe too? The cost to replace your clothing would be covered by your personal property coverage since the damage is only to you (and your wardrobe).

Kitchen Mishaps: Cuts and Burns

Your friends have almost arrived for the dinner party, but you have yet to prep even a simple salad! Maybe it’s the stress of the impending deadline, or maybe you’ve been watching too much Chopped. You start in on a carrot with a top speed julienne. Apparently, you didn’t realize where the carrot ended and where your finger began until both were swimming in a river of blood. Would this unfortunate kitchen mishap be covered by your renters insurance?

Unfortunately, there would not be any coverage for this scenario. Yes, your policy does have a bodily injury component to your liability coverage, but this will only cover bodily injury to others. So if your neighbor suffered an asthma attack due to your grease fire in the previous example, your bodily injury coverage would be for their hospital bills.

Hopefully, you have some personal health insurance if your inner Emeril gets carried away. Renters insurance will not cover clumsiness, (nor will lit protect you against bad cooks!).

Renters Insurance Will Cover Some Kitchen Mishaps

In conclusion, your renters insurance will reimburse some kitchen mishaps, depending on your specific situation. If you have questions about what your policy covers, whether it’s your personal property or liability coverage, feel free to ask us! Just call (800)892-4308 or click to get covered – whether you need renters insurance quotes online or coverage anywhere else!

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