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DJ Liability Insurance

DJ Liability insurance is the most common form of business insurance that you’ll want to have when you’re performing as a DJ since it covers most of the risks associated when dealing with vendors, clients, customers, and other entities.

Liability insurance has different types. Each type covers a specific claim a third party will file. For DJs, the most common liability insurance policies are:

  • General liability insurance

  • Professional liability insurance

General Liability Insurance for DJs

General liability insurance is the primary coverage that insurance companies include in tailored DJ insurance. It provides protection against the following perils:

  • Third-party bodily injuries – The party was at its climax and you decided to stage dive. An attendee experienced minor arm injuries after catching you. This person then decided to file a claim and demanded you pay for medical expenses and provide compensation for pain and suffering

  • Third-party property damage – A small bar hired you. You brought your own sound system because the bar doesn’t have its own. During the party, one of the speakers suddenly exploded and started a fire. This fire then charred the structure of the bar’s building. The owner decided to file a claim and wanted you to reimburse the value of the damaged structure

So how does general liability insurance work in practice? When a third party files a personal injury claim or property damage claim, general liability insurance will pay for attorney fees, compensatory payments, and other legal costs on your behalf.

The protection general liability insurance provides isn’t limited to third-party personal injuries or property damage. This is actually a very comprehensive policy offering more coverage at an additional price. If you’re willing to invest more in premiums, general liability insurance will provide the following protection:

  • Advertising injury coverage

  • Rented premises liability coverage

Advertising injury coverage is an optional policy in general liability insurance that will take care of claims for advertising or reputational harm. The language of this coverage commonly includes the following perils:

  • Slander – During an interview, you spoke ill about another DJ. The DJ lost a lot of gigs soon after you made the statement. Because of this, this other DJ decided to sue and hold you responsible for his losses

  • Libel – You were making a blog post about how to become a DJ. You decided to criticize another blog post talking about the same topic. The criticism wasn’t constructive and was harmful to the reputation of the author. As a result, the author decided to sue you and demanded payment for damages incurred

  • False advertising – It was stated in the ad that you only provide homemade mixes. However, it turned out that your playlist was actually made up of tracks made by other DJs. A client then filed a claim because the ad talking about you was misleading and inaccurate

  • Copyright infringement- You extracted the beat of another track and used it on your own. The person, who composed the source track, recognized his beat on your music and decided to sue you for using intellectual property without proper attribution or monetary compensation

Rented premises liability coverage is another add-on to general liability insurance for DJs. This will reimburse the property owner if a leased or rented space is damaged by fire. Consider adding this one to general liability insurance if you’re renting or leasing a music studio, office, or any other space.

DJ Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance will cover attorney fees, compensatory payments court orders, and other legal costs if you commit acts constituting errors and omissions that result in economic loss or financial loss to a client. Perils included in the language of professional liability insurance are:

  • Negligence

  • Misrepresentation

  • Violation of good faith and fair dealing

  • Inaccurate advice

DJ Liability Insurance One Day

If you’re not performing every day of the year, it’s smarter to get a one day DJ liability insurance. DJ insurance one day is primarily offered as a short-term 12-hour or 24-hour general liability insurance with rented premises liability coverage and advertising injury coverage (rented premises liability and advertising injury coverage are offered as primary inclusions not as optional policies). Inland marine insurance and equipment breakdown insurance can be added as optional policies or as endorsements to DJ liability insurance for one day.

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