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Direct Vision Insurance is one of the best vision insurance companies in America, despite it being a smaller insurance company compared to others. It gives you the flexibility to choose your network within your insurance plan to suit your convenience. Its also backed by Ameritas Insurance, a financial giant with a huge customer base. This lends it an air of solidity and permanence and gives you peace of mind.

There are VSP Direct plans that cover a host of local and independent doctors, and EyeMed, whose network includes LensCrafters and Target. Opt to buy into the VSP network for more access to independent doctors or the EyeMed network for better chain and superstore services.

There’s a choice of plan, depending on your expectations, you can opt for yearly exams and eyewear updates, or bi-yearly if you’re more relaxed about your vision needs. Plans can be taken up individually, as a couple or as a family. Eye exams have a deductible of $15 and you’ve got a combined frames and lenses budget of $150. Direct Vision Insurance’s policies are the most flexible on the market. Monthly prices start at below $12 and go up depending on your coverage needs and network. One to consider if you need to tailor your cover to your family’s needs.

And finally, decide whether you want once-a-year or once-every-two-year visits and new lenses. It’s not hard to navigate, but does give you a huge amount of choice, based on your circumstances and expectations. Deductibles and allowances are in line with the competition, and your premiums are on the low side. Good for options and flexibility.

Direct Vision Insurance review: overview

  • Offers a choice of VSP or EyeMed networks
  • VSP for more independent outlets, EyeMed for larger chains

Direct Vision knows that the network you choose will depend on your neighborhood, lifestyle and your needs. To stop you from shopping around, it offers a choice of VSP or EyeMed networks within you Direct Vision policy.

VSP is marginally smaller but gives you access to more independent doctors and retail outlets. EyeMed is the larger, but concentrates its network around chains and superstores, such as LensCrafters optometrists, Target and Sears.

Direct Vision Insurance review: plan options

  • Premium plan will factor in an annual visit to the optometrist for you
  • Basic plan affords you a visit every two years

Since your family’s health is likely incredibly important to you, it is you who knows best what each family member’s needs and preferences are. If you or your loved ones have a rapidly changing prescription, or a family history of poor eye health that requires monitoring, Direct Vision’s premium plan will factor in an annual visit to the optometrist for you.

If your needs are less urgent, or you’re happy to leave longer between refreshing your look, the basic plan affords you a visit every two years. Very simple and easy to remember.

Once you’ve chosen your plan, you’ve still got room to change your mind, and have a 30-day, money-back guarantee. You’ll forfeit any premium you’ve paid so far and the $25 enrolment fee, but it’s a weight off to know you’re not tied into a plan you later regret.

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Direct Vision Insurance review: extra benefits

  • Access to and discounts from other associated companies
  • Adjustments can be carried out a LensCrafters store

There are other benefits to a Direct Vision policy that come in the form of access to and discounts from other associated companies. If you order your eyewear from or you can scan your prescription and let Direct Vision deal with the bill.

Once you get your glasses any adjustment needed can be carried out at during a visit to your local branch of LensCrafters at your leisure. This is very convenient, with all the benefits of online ordering combined with bricks and mortar service.

Direct Vision Insurance review: verdict

Direct Vision Insurance is competitively priced and gives you a range of options that should suit most people’s needs. A $15 copay for exams and lenses and a $150 allowance for frames is about standard and what you’d expect. The choice of VSP or EyeMed will depend on your location and how you like to access your doctor, and if you have a doctor you already prefer.

Every year or every two years gives you a further range of options, and will depend on your vision health and how closely you like to keep on top of it. Good premium rates, decent benefits and the flexibility to fit your plan in with your family’s lifestyle are all bonuses.

Direct Vision Insurance review: alternatives

There’s plenty to like about the Direct Vision Insurance plans, but if you don’t feel they’re quite right for you, also take a look at our VSP Direct review, Ameritas Vision, EyeBenefits and Humana Vision for a budget option.

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