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How to handle Cozumel Traffic Violations?

First take a deep breath because Cozumel is not only safe and considered the safest place in Mexico, but Cozumel’s traffic police force are really lenient in regard to traffic violations and don’t harass vacations or even locals. They realize people are on vacation, and its very common for people to be make mistakes driving in a foreign country. The Traffic laws and rules are very simple and very similar to those in the United States. There are many stories of police trying to get money from vacationers, but in Cozumel thats just not the case. Cozumel has the most cruise ship traffic and is known as “Heaven on Earth” for a reason and wouldnt be so, if there were crooked cops patrolling the streets of Cozumel.

If you do find yourself in this rare situation, here are some helpul tips on how to save you the stress and frustration of dealing with Cozumel Traffic Violations or accusations.

1. Cozumel police officers all have uniforms, name badges and ID Cards fairly easy to spot since they drive around with their lights flashing, so you’ll have a fair warning when they are approaching. Just make sure you see all three before assuming your in trouble.

2. Most police officers that would happen to stop you for a traffic violation should be able to speak basic English to explain the issue. If you happen to get into an accident, there will be someone who speaks English 95% of the time. There are Cozumel Traffic Police Chiefs who come to the scene and most often always know some English. If not request an English speaking officer.

3. All traffic violations are processed at the Police Station in Town very close to the piers. The Police officer will hold your driver’s license at the Police Station until the matter is resolved. When in an accident they allow you to negotiate the cost with the other party. This is the most common and simple way to handle this. Always be polite and even if they try to get some ridiculous amount from you just smile and ask them to justify the cost. Make sure to always take pictures of the accident. If the situation can’t be mutually resolved than you will sit in front of a judge (basically someone who is hears both stories and follows the law on making his or her rulings on how the situation will be handled).

So when being asked to go to the Police Station doesnt mean you are going to JAIL. Everyone involved in traffic violations or accident must go there to sort everything out and receive your ID back. The Police station is a great place to find even more English speaking officers to help you state your case.

4. Police officers dont handle the payments for fines. Paying a Cozumel traffic violation fee takes place at the police station where you will be given a receipt for your payment and your driver’s license returned.

Here are 3 Separate ways to deal with the above situations.

1. If for some rare reason you are being scammed, just save your vacation time and pay the fee and be on your way. Never pay more than $20 USD for the inconvenience. If they demand more, ask to to be taken to the police station. They’ll most likely take what you offer them or just let you go.

2. If you feel that you didnt violate any Traffic Violations or want to just fight it, than do so, but beware you might ruin half of your day doing so. If you feel that you were pulled over for no reason, just tell the officer this and if you like act upset and concerned. We have heard many stories of vacationers doing just this, and if its a scam, the Police officers will leave you alone. But they may also be stubborn or you did violate something and then you’ll just be wasting your vacation time, and they will make sure to take their time.

3. Pretend you dont know any better and apologize countlessly until they either let you go, ask for money, or take you to the police station and get your processed quickly. Many tourists offer Police a bribe, and if you choose to do this be careful. Dont be blunt about giving them money to look the other way. Just pretend to not know what to do and offer to pay the fine to them so you can save your vacation time. Tell them your cruise is leaving or your late for a tour or excursion and they might let you off the hook. Please provide any personal situations you have dealt with below in our facebook comment box. Thank you.

Thank you for reading our Car Rental in Cozumel & Cozumel Car Rental Guide has given you an in depth view on how to handle your rental car in Cozumel when you deciding to choose a car rental in Cozumel over alternate transportation. Being previous Cozumel American touristsmany years ago, we know that Renting a Car in Cozumel, is perfect for Cozumel Cruise Ship Passengers or Cozumel Vacationers to save money and explore Cozumel the way they like. So thank you for reading our Car Rental in Cozumel & Cozumel Car Rental Guide and hope we helped you decide whether renting a car in Cozumel is right for you and dont forget to read our other Cozumel Guides and Cozumel Articles.

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