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Does Costco Sell Car Batteries?

If you’re particular about buying quality automotive batteries while saving, head on to Costco. Costco is a company that sells varieties of batteries and other items at discount prices so that customers can save.

They pride themselves in what they sell and are confident in the services they offer. Hence, they give limited warranty to keep their customers happy and also trust in their products.

Costco operates both online and offline. So buying a battery from them is pretty easy and also saves time. You first make inquiries online to be sure they have what you want before visiting their physical shops.

Aside from selling car batteries at affordable prices, they also do battery recycling for old batteries. However, they do not offer free automotive battery installation.


● Low prices

● Quality customer services

● Limited warranty

● Battery recycling


● No free battery installation even if you buy the car battery from them

Car Batteries Sold at Costco

Costco previously sold optimal and Kirkland batteries. But at the moment, their shops are stock with only interstate batteries.

They choose interstate because of the battery’s performance, and the reputation they have built over time makes the brand highly sorted after.

While they sell interstate batteries at affordable prices, they still make enough profit for themselves.

Order than car batteries, Costco also sells interstate branded batteries for recreational vehicles, carts, boats, motorcycles, and ATVs.

Costco Interstate Specialty Batteries

The following are the type of interstate batteries you will likely see at Costco aside from car batteries.

RVs/Marine batteries

RVs/marine batteries are built strong with thick lead plates. So they can start and also power every other thing in boats and RVs.

Lawn and garden batteries

These batteries are strong and can retain charge for an extended period. They can provide power to your vehicle for weeks without shutting down. They can withstand strong vibration from autos and, as such does not easily break down.

Golf cart batteries

Golf cart batteries are not necessarily needed to start your car. Instead, it provides enough power to power everything in your cart. Golf cart batteries can work for an extended period without losing much charge.


These are factory-activated batteries. They come with enough electrolytes, are sealed, and are maintenance-free. So you do not have to worry about the reduction of the electrolyte and how to replace them. You use them just the way they are released from the factory till they wear out.

Buying from Costco

Costco is always concerned about customers’ comfort and satisfaction. Hence, they resorted to operating both online and offline. So before walking into any Costco outlet to make a purchase, you’re expected first to verify the product’s availability online. This will save you both time and money.

To buy a new Costco interstate battery for your vehicle;

● Visit their website at

● Enter the details of the vehicle that needs the battery replacement (make, model, year, engine, zip code)

● The website will give you a fitment code (fitment code tells the best battery that fits your automobile in terms of physical size, location, and the type your vehicle needs

● Reach out to a warehouse close to you. (You should see physical locations and contact details of their warehouses on the website above) Ask if they have a stock battery that matches the fitment code

● If they have in stock, hold on to the warehouse and purchase your battery

Things to keep in Mind when Replacing Car Batteries

Different vehicles have batteries that work for them. A friend of yours bought an excellent battery that worked well for him doesn’t mean that the exact battery will work for you.

So keep in mind the size of the battery suitable for your automobile.

There is also a particular amount of power your vehicle needs from a battery to function well. This power is what helps in starting or powering other components in your car.

You could measure it in the amount of cold cranking amp, cranking amp, and reserve capacity.

You can get this information from your vehicle’s owner’s manual or consult an expert to tell you the best battery fit for your car.

You seriously do not want to go through installing a battery and then removing it because it didn’t meet your car needs. It’s draining!

Costco battery warranty

At Costco, customers enjoy battery warranties for up to three years, depending on the warranty agreement. Costco offers battery replacements, partial refunds and can exchange defective batteries during the warranty periods.

But this would depend on the issue the battery is having, how long you’ve purchased the battery, and warranty terms.

Costco Interstate Battery Prices

Interstate branded batteries from Costco ranges from anything between $50 to $100. The discrepancy in the battery price is because Costco interstate batteries come in various sizes.

Shoppers are always happy to shop at Costco because their prices are lower than most of their competitors.

Plus, the battery brand they sell is durable and lasts long. Please note that, aside from the main battery price, Costco sometimes includes a fee known as battery core charge when a customer is buying a new battery.

So how does this work?

Costco battery core charge

Customers buying new batteries from Costco are made to pay a core fee added to the original battery price. This fee is usually between $10 to $15 (it can be higher as it varies from state to state).

And is fully refundable. The reason for this fee is to encourage customers to bring back their batteries for recycling when it’s old.

And upon return, the customer is given back the battery core charge. Lead-acid batteries are highly flammable and can serve as pollutants to the environment.

So the battery core charge is not only imposed to help customers save but to keep the environment healthy.

Costco battery installation

Costco will not install a battery you buy from any of their outlets. They only sell quality batteries at discounted prices. Installing vehicle batteries is not a difficult task. With the right tools at your disposal, you’re good to go.

Better, you can consult your vehicle owner’s manual for the battery installation process.

If you, however, want the installation done for you, then Costco can help using the Costco auto program. But you will pay for any service rendered, though at a discounted amount, and you must be a member.

The program allows members to have a 15% discount on car parts or services customers opt for. What does the Costo Auto program do?

The Costco auto program

Costco auto programs provide various maintenance and other services at discounted prices to all Costco members – usually 15%. The program consists of different auto centers made of professionals.

Costco does not own or run these centers. The centers are only affiliated with Costco but are operated by private and different individuals. And you don’t get a discount on all services.

For example, a coupon for an oil change is not valid, so you will have to pay in full for the service.

While Costco does not do the installation, they make access to this service very easy for their customers. The Costco Auto program also offers services such as brakes, mileage maintenance, heating, and cooling, etc.

Lastly, these affiliates accepting coupons from Costco customers does not mean they offer the best prices.

So you could get a quote from other service centers aside from the ones affiliated with the Costco auto program. Inquire about their parts, warranties, service charge, and reputation over the years.

This way, you’ll have a variety of options and get to choose the best offer.

Other places You can Buy and Get Your Batteries Installed

There are some retailers who not only sell but also install batteries. So if you’re particular about battery installation, you may want to visit them.

However, They only install for free if you bought the new battery from them.

Some will even test your old battery to ensure it is old enough to get it replaced. If you, however, got it through other means, you may need to do the installation yourself or have a professional mechanic do it for you.

The following are some retailers that sell and install car batteries;

● Pep Boys

● NAPA Auto Parts

● Auto Zone

● Advance Auto Parts

● O’Reilly Auto Parts

● Sam’s Club

● Walmart

The retailers above indeed do free battery installation, but it may not be so in all locations. Because the majority of them are independently owned and operated, as such service isn’t uniform.

So if, for example, you want to buy from Nappa Auto Parts, and you’re particular about free installation, make sure you inquire if that center offers free installation.

This is to ensure you don’t get disappointed or feel received.


Final thoughts

Buying a car battery from Costco is like buying a gold mine at an affordable price. Costco is not just known for excellent warranties and selling at discounted prices.

They also ensure the manufacturers they partner with sell high-performing and durable batteries. However, they do not offer battery installation.

You can do the installation yourself following the process on your owner’s manual. Or use the Costco Auto program at discounted prices.

But if you’re particular about free auto batteries installation, you may want to look somewhere else. Some retailers do the free installation if you buy it from them.

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