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How can I sell a clunker or junk car online?

As the world has become more connected and online access is available on every handheld device (like the one you are holding), things have changed. Obviously, listing a vehicle online has become much simpler, but choosing the right platform is tricky.

There are lots of resources out there like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and, to name just a few. Unfortunately, most of the shoppers on these platforms are not looking for clunkers. When you are looking to sell an old or wrecked car, or one that’s not driveable, or a car that runs rough or has no AC, it is just not easy to find buyers. Even when you get someone to show up and check out the car in person, there is no guarantee. In fact, I just got more discouraged the more people that viewed and pointed out the issues of my old clunker.

Searching on Google for “junk car buyers near me” will often direct sellers to a local junk yard or auto salvage yard. Contacting a junkyard or salvage yard, though it sounds simple, often results in a lot of time wasted! The offers you get from scrap yards and junkyards are often not honored, and the time it takes to find a reputable and honest seller online is a very challenging task. Not to mention the fees and extras they try to charge you to sell your junk car.

Junkyards and auto salvage yards often make you pay an extra tow fee. Talk about frustrating… after talking on the phone for hours to several people, you get a lowball offer and a tow bill! Trust me, I have experienced this very frustrating run around. Selling that old clunker is hard and can be a very difficult process. Fortunately, Cash for Clunkers is your hassle-free, quick, and painless sell my junk car for top dollar solution. Selling a clunker or junk car is just one of the more stressful and frustrating processes out there.

At Cash for Clunkers, there is no wasted time and zero hassle getting that junk car sold. We are looking for all vehicles, makes, and models. The condition of that old clunker does not matter to us. We have local cash for clunker buyers who are each looking for something different, even that junk car. If you search on Google, ‘who buys junk cars for cash near me,’ it is amazing how many sources populate, but knowing who you can trust is unclear and critical. Cash for Clunkers has over 12 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers. Their testimonies and appreciation speak loudly to the trust you can have when calling us to sell your car. We buy every make and model, including Toyota, Lexus, BMW, Audi, KIA, Nissan, and of course, all your American-made favorites.

Cash for Clunkers goes even further to provide you with a FREE junk car removal, taking that unwanted clunker away at zero cost!

We are dedicated to making this easy and have local junk car and clunker removal specialists who will go the extra mile to make this simple. Allow us to make your junk car or clunker selling painless and hassle-free today.

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