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Car Value

Cash for Cars OlympiaMost people looking for auto recycling want to know how much they can get for their vehicle. At Summit Auto Wrecking in Olympia, we strive to offer our customers competitive pricing for cars and trucks. The value of the vehicle depends on several factors. The location of the car will determine how far we need to drive to pick it up and if it is easily accessible. Junk cars that are buried beneath bushes and other debris far out on someone’s property can make getting the vehicle more difficult. The year, make, and model of the car will help determine its value. The last influencing factor is the current price for scrap metal. These numbers change constantly and will affect how much the car is worth. Depending on these circumstances, a car’s value can range from a couple of hundred dollars and up.

Why let your unused car sit around day in and day out when we’re offering cash for cars in Olympia? You may have gotten a new car and haven’t gotten around to selling your old one yet, or maybe you started a restoration project and just never finished it, but whatever the reason, those cars aren’t doing you any good. Let Summit Auto Wrecking take that car off your hands and put some cash in it instead.

Recycling Old Cars

Everyone knows that selling old cars can be a pain. You have put it up online, list all of the things that work and don’t work, and deal with a bunch of people that want to haggle prices. At Summit Auto Wrecking, we make the process simple and stress-free! There are some great reasons to consider recycling your car.

Value – Every day your vehicle sits, it depreciates just a little more. Eventually, you’re left with a car you can’t use, that is so rusted through even mice won’t take shelter in it anymore. Allow us to recycle your vehicle, so you can get cash for your junk car before it’s too late.

Safety – Not only do old cars harbor pests and vermin that can easily make the leap from your auto to your home, but they also contain many toxic chemicals. Batteries contain mercury, coolant systems contain freon, and leftover oil and gas can seep into your lawn. Don’t spoil your property with automotive waste; turn it into cash.

Convenience – Not only will we give you cash for your car, but we’ll also even pick them up for free and can often provide same-day junk car removals. Get your property back from these ailing automobiles and get cash today!

Cash For Junk Cars OlympiaRecycle – We dispose of unusable toxic parts properly.

We give cash for:

  • High-Mileage Cars and Trucks
  • Wrecked Cars and Trucks
  • Worn Cars and Trucks
  • Junk Cars and Trucks
  • Damaged Cars and Trucks
  • Old Cars and Trucks

Spare Car Parts

When a vehicle doesn’t work anymore, the majority of it can still be salvaged and repurposed. When we collect unwanted cars, our technicians break them down into spare car parts. Things like the windshield, tires, doors, and hoods can all be recycled or sold to someone who needs them. Besides being made mostly of metal, there are many other components in a car that are considered unsafe. Car batteries, catalytic converters, and liquids like oil, antifreeze, and coolant all need to be removed before the vehicle can be recycled. We safely remove and dispose of these toxic parts properly.

Auto Recycling Near Me

If you’ve got an old car, broken car, or a car that you just don’t want anymore, call Summit Auto Wrecking today. We take the vehicle off your hands and give you cash for it! Our staff is friendly, helpful and we offer same-day car removal for Olympia residents. Don’t let that car, truck, or van sit on your property losing value, call us today and get paid to let us take it.

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