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The laid-back city of Saint John offers a peaceful retreat for those looking to immerse themselves in the thriving nature and seafaring heritage of the region.

With glistening lakes, bubbling brooks, scenic walking trails and 19th-century forts, there’s plenty to see when you rent a car from Saint John.

See the Spectacular Reversing Falls

A visit to the Reversing Falls is a must when in Saint John. See the amazing sight of the rapids swirling in the gorge, moving in a manner that almost defies belief.

The falls are connected to the nearby Bay of Fundy. When there’s a high tide, the water levels increase, causing a rush of water down Saint John River. When the tide is low it causes the water to retract, which creates the peculiar reverse element to the falls.

Set against a lush green backdrop and with the bubbling sound of the falls whooshing in your ears, it’s a great place to relax. There’s even a glass Skywalk at the popular Reversing Falls Restaurant.

Enjoy a spot of lunch here and, if you’re feeling brave, venture out onto the suspended bridge to peer down at the knee-trembling sight below.

Take in the great outdoors

Saint John is all about finding adventure in nature, and one of the best places you can experience this is in Irving Nature Park. With around two and a half square kilometres of serene space to discover, explore the park’s interesting shift in landscapes throughout the six different ecosystems, including a salt plain and a sandy beach along the Bay of Fundy.

Admire the exotic flora and fauna and watch for the 250 species of birds and animals, while you stroll along the eight different hiking trails.

In the Bay of Fundy marina, there’s also the opportunity for water sports. Hire a kayak, paddleboard or go on a boat tour. Exploring via the water is a great way to take in the coastline from a different perspective.

Soak up 19th century history

Carleton Martello Tower showcases the area’s unique history superbly. Constructed by the British in 1812 as a fort, it helped protect the land from invasion and stood its ground through many battles.

In 1994 it was restored into a national monument with a small museum and replica barracks. Standing on a hill, the iconic circular structure has panoramic lookout points, and you can head to the visitor centre for interactive and immersive exhibits, and learn more about the history of Saint John.

The New Brunswick Museum in Downtown also holds a wide collection of artifacts dedicated to the area’s portside maritime heritage. Discover what lies beneath the water in the Hall of Great Whales, which displays life-size models of extraordinary sea life.

You can also see how the industrial revolution impacted the region through the woodwork trade during the 19th and early 20th centuries. There’s plenty to see here, and you can easily spend a whole afternoon travelling back in time.

With car rental in Saint John, you can enjoy all the best things to see and do locally, before exploring the rest of New Brunswick beyond.

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