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Good Morning! I understand that it has been a struggle to find a rental car on St. John. Many companies on island may not come up in a Google search and we don’t have corporate options such as Enterprise and Avis on island. Many of you may be tempted to rent a car on St. Thomas and I would like to wholeheartedly encourage you to use that as a last option only. Even though the cost is a bit less than renting locally, the barge schedules can be very unpredictable and the long wait could cut into your arrival time happy hour OR cause you to miss a flight! As always, we like to put St. John businesses first. So, with a little help from some friends, I have compiled the following list for you to reference when you’re on the hunt for a rental car!

Renting a car on St. John can be tough! The island is bubbling over with happy vacationers right now and, during this extremely busy time of year, it can be extremely difficult to find a rental. With the help of some other community members, I put together the following list for you to use when it comes time to find a car on St. John!

Aqua Blue Car Rental – 340-776-2782

Aquarius Car Rental – 340-514-5262

Bougainvillea Leasing Ltd. – 800-253-7107

C & C Car Rental – 340-693-8164

Conrad Sutton Jeep and Car Rental – 340-776-6479

Cool Breeze Jeep and Car Rental – 340-776-658

Courtesy Car & Jeep Rental – 340-776-6650

Delbert Hill Car and Jeep Rental – 340-693-8819

Denzil Clyne Car Rental – 340-776-6715

Destiny Car Rental – 340-777-5337

Hospitality Rent A Car – 340-693-9160

Island Hopping Rentals – 340-228-2229

Just Sun Jeeps – 340-227-2235

L&L Jeep Rental – 340-776-1120

Lionel Jeep Rental – 340-693-8764

Mr. Piper’s Jeeps – 340-693-7580

O’Connor Car Rental – 340-776-6343

Penn’s Jeep Rentals – 340-776-6530

St. John Car Rental – 340-776-6103

Slim Man’s Jeep Rental – 508-932-2737

Spencer’s Jeep Rentals – 340-693-8784

Sunshine’s Jeep Rental – 340-690-1786

Varlack Ventures – 340-693-9933

Save this one for your records and for future use folks! A big thanks to KC Bsisu at Bogie’s Villa, Cheryl Davis Dutter and David Adams at The Hills St. John for sharing their lists with me and lessening my leg work. Ha!

Car Rental Companies on St. John 1

Additionally, I wanted to share this eloquent intro from The Hills website in regards to navigating the roads here in Love City:

If you are used to straight, well-lit and beautifully paved roads, it will likely take you a little time to acclimate to driving in St. John. The roads range from traditional blacktop to unpaved trails, and vehicles drive on the left side of the road. However, unlike Great Britain and most other countries where motorists drive on the left, the vehicles in St. John have their steering wheels on the left just as they do in other parts of the United States. The way to avoid finding yourself on the wrong side of the road is to remember the adage “people in the U.S. Virgin Islands drive shoulder to the shoulder.”

Vehicles also travel far more slowly in St. John, and the speed limit on the island is only 35 mph. While a police officer is unlikely to pull you over for speeding, herds of goats, nomadic donkeys and locals making their way on foot will prevent you from going much faster than the posted limit – even if you wanted to. Bear in mind that speeding will probably be the last thing on your mind as you will be surrounded by some of the most breathtaking views in the world.

You will want to keep your wits about you while driving on St. John as the hills are steep and there are many twisty stretches of road. If you rent a vehicle with a manual transmission, it would probably be a good idea to practice some hill starts before you set off. While gas prices on St. John are higher than they are on the mainland, you won’t spend too much at the pump because you won’t be covering many miles.

The most valuable driving tip for visitors to St. John is to pull over whenever a local or “safari” taxi appears in the rear-view mirror and allow them to pass. Also, don’t get upset if other drivers keep beeping their horns at you because this is how people greet each other in the USVI.

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