Car Insurance Discounts for Nurses

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Hoping to find discount car insurance for nurses? As a nurse, you may be entitled to certain nurse car insurance discounts.

Are there nursing insurance discounts available? Nurses have lots of benefits, like being in high demand and lots of room for growth in their field. Many stores also offer nurse discounts.

Learn everything you need to know about car insurance discounts for nurses, including how much you can save, what types of discounts are available, and the best auto insurance companies that offer car insurance discounts for medical professionals.

Keep in mind there are other types of nurse discounts available, including a home insurance discount for nurses.

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How do you get car insurance discounts for nurses or medical professionals?

There are plenty of ways to find out which insurance companies offer nurses a car insurance discount. The best way to get car insurance discounts for nurses is to talk to your insurance company. Ask if they have specific nurse discounts.

Or, if you’re shopping around for auto insurance, compare quotes online today. Some auto insurance companies are known for offering preferential rates for nurses and other medical professionals.

Car insurance discounts for nurses vary among insurance companies. They also vary between states. A company might offer nurse discounts in one state, but not others.

For example, in some states, Nationwide Insurance is currently offering a 10 percent discount to those within the nursing profession.

It’s worth noting that companies that offer nurse discounts also usually offer discounts for most other medical professionals.

Check out which auto insurance companies offer discounts to nurses in the section below.

Which companies offer car insurance discounts for nurses?

Certain auto insurance companies are known for offering a discount to nurses, including all of the following:

  • AAA
  • California Casualty
  • Farmers
  • The Hartford
  • Nationwide Car Insurance
  • USAA Car Insurance

The amount of the discount will vary based on the insurance company and state law, but most offer discounts of between three and 15 percent.

Keep in mind, these discounts may not be offered in every state. So if, for example, you are wondering about car insurance discounts for nurses in California, you would need to contact an agent in California.

If you’re a GEICO customer, you may be wondering if GEICO has nurse discounts. In fact, GEICO offers car insurance discounts to members of the Association of Women’s Health, Neonatal Nurses, and other medical organizations.

In the table below, you can see GEICO’s average auto insurance rates for registered nurses.

In most states, nurse discounts are considered profession-specific discounts. The average profession-specific discount on policies is around five percent. Again, this all depends on the company.

If you can’t find Progressive nurse discounts, Allstate nurse discounts, Nationwide insurance nurse discounts, or Farmers Insurance nurse discounts, you should probably contact the company and ask anyway.

Compare quotes online today to make sure you’re getting the best possible price on auto insurance as a nurse and find the cheapest car insurance for medical professionals.

Are nursing students eligible for car insurance discounts for nurses?

Car insurance nurse discounts aren’t just for full-time nurses; they may also be available to student nurses. Students studying medicine or nursing may be eligible for special student nurse discounts on their auto insurance policies.

Some companies offer a good student discount for car insurance if you maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher, for example. If you’re getting good grades in nursing school, you may be able to save between 10 and 20 percent off the cost of auto insurance.

Studies have shown that students who maintain good grades are less likely to make a claim, so auto insurance companies reward your hard work with lower rates.

Auto insurance companies might also provide nursing students with an auto insurance discount if they live far away from home.

If your car is parked at your parents’ house while you’re away at college, for example, but you still want to be covered when you go home, then you might get a big discount on auto insurance.

Talk to your auto insurance provider to ask about student nurse discounts on policies.

How does your occupation as a nurse affect auto insurance rates?

Auto insurance companies use a number of different factors to determine your risk when setting the price for your rate. They consider your age and gender, for example, as well as your driving history.

A growing number of auto insurance companies, however, are also taking something else into account: they’re analyzing your risk based on your profession.

A few examples of auto insurance rates by occupation can be found in the chart below.

Certain professions are associated with lower risk than others. For example, a nurse or a doctor might have a lower chance of making a claim than an individual in another profession.

Some auto insurance companies offer discounts for those working in “preferred occupations.” Sometimes, these discounts are given because the occupation is genuinely associated with lower risk.

In other cases, auto insurance companies provide discounts as a reward for people working in certain occupations military personnel and first responders, for example, might receive preferential auto insurance rates.

Nurses often fall into the “preferred occupation” category, along with many other medical professionals. If you’re a nurse or otherwise work in the medical field, you may be eligible for occupation-specific savings on auto insurance.

Nurse discount car insurance is generally available because nurses are considered safer drivers. Other occupations, like firefighters and police, also usually get lower car insurance rates.

In addition to lower auto insurance rates, there are also many other free products and car insurance discounts for nurses.

Are there other ways nurses can save money on auto insurance?

There are many factors that are used to calculate car insurance rates, including age, gender, driving record, and credit score. That being said, there are also many different ways to lower those auto insurance rates.

Occupation-specific discounts are just one way for nurses to save money on auto insurance.

Here are some more tips for saving money on auto insurance.

What common driver discounts are available on auto insurance as a nurse?

There are multiple discounts you can be eligible for if you ask. Some of the more common ones are:

  • Multi-car
  • Multi-policy
  • Good student
  • Car safety features
  • Defensive driving class
  • Paid in full
  • Paperless billing

Make sure to ask your agent what discounts are available to you. If you are able to bundle your policies and discounts, you can really lower your rates significantly.

How do your coverage and claims affect auto insurance rates?

Choosing a lower coverage level can also save you money. There are multiple coverages that you can choose from, including add-ons like roadside assistance or towing that you can remove from your policy to lower your rates.

You can also raise your deductible. This way you are paying more out of pocket for damages on claims so the auto insurance company won’t have to pay as much. This will lead to lower car insurance rates.

Avoiding claims is another way to keep your rates low. If you do have damages in which the cost to fix them is less than your deductible, you can choose to pay out of pocket to keep your rates low.

Does your credit score affect auto insurance rates?

Did you know that your credit score and auto insurance quotes go hand in hand?

Insurance companies use your credit score to assess your risk. If you have a credit score of 650 or higher, for example, then you may be eligible for better auto insurance rates than someone with a lower credit score.

If you have a low credit score, start trying to improve it. Not only will it lower your car insurance rates, but it will also help you get lower rates on home and auto loans.

Will telematics lower your auto insurance rates?

A growing number of insurance companies offer telematics car tracking programs. You install a temporary tracker on your vehicle, and your insurance company charges a customized rate based on your driving habits.

Registered nurses who drive during safe hours of the day (outside of rush hour, for example) or have short commutes might find themselves paying 10 to 30 percent less for auto insurance after installing telematics systems.

How will comparing auto insurance quotes online lower your rates?

It takes just a few minutes to compare auto insurance quotes online to ensure you’re paying the best possible rates for auto insurance as a nurse. Remember, some companies offer nurse special discounts and others don’t.

Even if your insurance company doesn’t offer car insurance discounts for nurses, there are many more ways to save on auto insurance.

Does your annual mileage affect your auto insurance rates?

Another factor that insurance companies consider when setting rates is how many miles you tend to drive. Check out the table below to see what different companies are charging based on a driver’s commute.

As you can see, some insurance companies charge considerably more if a driver spends a lot of time on the road, while for other companies the difference in rates is negligible.

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Do you have more questions about car insurance discounts for nurses?

We’ve talked about whether you can get a car insurance nurse discount. Not yet ready to buy auto insurance for nurses? Check out some common questions about a discount to nurses and more below.

#1 – How much auto insurance should I buy?

The amount of auto insurance you need depends on your specific situation. It’s a good idea to share your driving history and projected needs with your potential insurance company for help determining the exact type of coverage necessary.

There’s a lot to know about auto insurance, but learning can be a lot simpler than you think.

#2 – How much auto insurance is required in my state?

While most state auto insurance requirements include bodily injury (BI) and property damage (PD) liability insurance, some states have different requirements.

#3 – What are the different types of auto insurance?

Explaining auto insurance coverage types doesn’t need to be difficult. There are many different types of auto insurance coverage available, including liability coverage, collision coverage, and comprehensive coverage.

Each type of coverage offers a number of benefits, but it’s important to determine which type of coverage fits your needs and your price range.

A growing number of auto insurance companies offer special discounts for nurses and other medical professionals. Be sure to ask if your provider offers auto insurance special discounts for healthcare workers.

If you qualify for nurse discounts, you may be able to save a considerable amount off of your usual auto insurance rates. Compare quotes online today to find the best auto insurance rates for nurses.

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