Budget Direct Motor Insurance Review: Cheapest Car Insurance in Singapore?

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Budget Direct Insurance promises one of the most competitive premiums for car insurance in Singapore, sure to entice safe and experienced drivers whose priority is to minimise their costs. However, if you are looking for an all-encompassing plan with a lot of protection, Budget Direct may not give you the benefits you desire.

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Budget Direct Car Insurance Highlights

Budget Direct offers unbeatable premiums for low-risk, experienced drivers. Since many other insurers increase their premiums due to a plethora of peace-of-mind features that may not always be necessary, a cost-conscious consumer in Singapore can be hard-pressed to find a car insurer that focuses on providing only the lowest prices. Budget Direct, on the other hand, strips its coverage to include only the bare essentials—allowing it to keep its premiums almost 55% below average regardless of gender and NCD. Also, if you are an existing customer, you can save up to 10% on your premium when you insure a second car or bike.

Budget Direct’s core features include coverage for third-party property damage, third-party death or injury, your car’s loss/damages, windshield repair and towing. Loss/damage coverage includes fire, flood, fallen trees and natural disasters, as well as damage done by vandalism or theft. Another feature that makes it stand out is its low named young and inexperienced driver excesses of S$500 each, compared to the usual YIDR excess of around S$2,500. This can save you a lot of money if you are a parent sharing a car with a child over 20 years old.

While Budget Direct stands out due to its price, it may not provide enough coverage for families or young/inexperienced drivers who want coverage for personal belongings or accessories. However, it is possible to top up your plan with some add-ons if you want a little bit more comprehensive coverage, though it won’t cover niche items like car seats or personal belongings. Thus, customers who are less sensitive to price and are looking for built-in perks or value-added optional features may do better with plans like FWD.

Customisations & Other Options

Budget Direct’s car insurance caters to the cost-conscious by providing coverage usually offered as part of the core plan as optional add-ons. These benefits include personal accident and medical coverage, 24 hour roadside assistance, modifications and accessories coverage, loss of use transport allowance, NCD protection and an overseas emergency allowance feature.

Additionally, if you want more freedom in who you let drive your car, you can opt for Budget Direct’s Authorised Driver plan—which is around 15% more expensive than the Named Driver Plan. Drivers in the market for Third-Party car insurance plans might also consider taking a closer look at Budget Direct, which our research has shown tends to offer extremely competitive premiums for TPO and TPFT policies.

Budget Direct’s Car Insurance Exclusions

Like other insurance policies, Budget Direct will only cover those listed as the Insured Driver. Moreover, the driver’s registration and license must be up to date. Furthermore, Budget Direct is quite restrictive in terms of what they exclude in the subject of their claim. For instance, they won’t pay for any tyre damage caused by punctures, cuts, or bursts. This could be inconvenient if there’s a hole on the road or some debris that may damage your tyre. Additionally, you won’t be insured if:

Budget Direct won’t cover you if you are using your car to carry passengers for monetary compensation. This means that you may want to consider another insurance policy if you are considering working for a cab company or as a for-hire driver with Grab. Always remember to carefully read the exclusions when choosing a car insurance policy.

Claims & Contact Information

To file a claim with Budget Direct, you can download the corresponding form and either submit via email, fax, call or visit their branch. You will be directed to a claims executive who will be responsible for handling your claim and will have access to a 24/7 after-hours emergency line.

Features and Benefits

Making sure your car insurance plan matches both your budget and your desired level of coverage is vital to ensuring adequate protection on the road. Below, you’ll find a summary of Budget Direct’s core features and benefits. If you want to compare it to other plans on the market, we’ve prepared a guide on the best car insurance policies in Singapore.

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