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The wash, polish and wax process has for decades been the gold standard of caring for automotive finishes. Time-consuming and laborious to apply, the shiny and protective results generally have a shelf life of just a few months. Ceramic coatings add a new wrinkle to that formula. Comparatively easy to apply, they provide superior protection and last much longer, with many manufacturers claiming an effective life of over twelve months.

Safe to use on all modern paints with a clear coat, most apply with spray-and-wipe action, eliminating the waiting period for traditional wax to haze over. Wax can also soften in the heat, allowing microscopic particles to settle in on the finish whereas ceramic coatings wipe clean easily, some with an accompanying branded product designed to periodically boost the shine and protection without completely reapplying the product.

Increasingly popular with professional detailers and enthusiasts, ceramic coatings can extend the life and luster of a faded and tired finish. As with all automotive finish products, however, ceramic coatings can’t repair major flaws; getting the best results requires starting with clean and presentable paint and may require paint correction. Still, once you achieve a good base, the ceramic coatings will make the most of it with minimum elbow grease.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Sometimes referred to as nano-ceramic coating, ceramic coatings are a chemical compound solution primarily composed of silica and titanium dioxide. The two substances form a bond at the atomic level and the combined result has extremely hydrophobic properties—meaning water cannot penetrate it.

Though it does not bond chemically with the paint, it doesn’t wash away like a wax. It does deteriorate over time, but the hydrophobic properties repel water, protect the surface underneath, and enhance the paint’s depth and clarity for a longer period than traditional wax.

What are the Benefits of Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating provides a longer-lasting, more durable and more protective layer than any standard car wax. Routine washings are still required after treatment, but a ceramic finish will prevent dust buildup and make shampooing the exterior a simple procedure with minimum water spots.

Ceramic coatings also provide significant labor and time savings. The traditional polishing and waxing process is a laborious and time-consuming process and requires frequent reapplication to ensure the best paint protection. Ceramics also provide superior protection, locking away the paint’s surface with a closer bond than wax.

How Much Should I Pay for Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coatings and kits are not particularly expensive. Light-duty sprays cost less than $20 and even the most expensive items on our list, full kits with supplies, preparation solutions and cleaning implements, run under $120. If you’re not interested in doing the job yourself, however, a high-quality ceramic coating job can be quite expensive, running from the $350 range all the way to $2,000 or more for a professional multi-stage, high-quality paint correction and coating on a large vehicle like a Lincoln Navigator or GMC Savana van. Prices also vary by geographic location.

Below you will find some of the best ceramic products for an extreme sheen and maximum protection.

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