Best Broad Form Car Insurance Companies (2022)

Below is a list of the best Broad form auto insurance voted by readers and compiled and edited by our team, let’s find out

Drivers always want to save money on car insurance, and the best car insurance companies give them many different ways to save, including coverage options.

The best companies for broad form car insurance offer cheap, very limited liability coverage for drivers who want to save the most money.

However, broad form car insurance might not meet your needs. Compare car insurance companies that offer broad form insurance with traditional companies to see which one can offer you the best deal.

Keep reading to learn more about the best insurance companies for broad form auto insurance. Before you begin, enter your ZIP code to compare free quotes from car insurance companies in your area.

What are the best companies for broad form car insurance?

Finding the cheapest car insurance is important, but drivers need to make sure they have the coverage they need, too. Broad form car insurance coverage may or may not meet those needs.

What is a broad form auto insurance policy? Broad form car insurance provides very limited liability coverage. Coverage is so limited that it may not meet the state minimum coverage limits.

Broad form insurance only provides coverage for the driver. This means that if your passenger is injured, your insurance would not pay for injuries. Broad form coverage also does not pay for damages to your vehicle.

Broad form companies are pretty difficult to find since very few drivers opt for this limited coverage. Specific companies that offer broad form insurance will vary from state to state, and this type of coverage is only available in 11 states:

  • Colorado
  • Delaware
  • Idaho
  • Iowa
  • Maryland
  • Mississippi
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • Ohio
  • Tennessee
  • Washington

Low or liability-only auto insurance is very similar to broad form insurance, but liability-only insurance generally offers more coverage and meets state minimum requirements.

While your broad form auto insurance quotes may be cheaper, we can compare standard coverage to give you an idea of what rates may look like.

This table shows you average rates from top companies based on coverage type:

Quotes from the best companies for broad form car insurance will be lower than those for low-coverage. However, coverage is also much lower and may not meet state minimums.

Another thing to consider is that you can’t add comprehensive or collision coverage to broad form insurance. You simply have liability coverage with no other options to add coverage for your vehicle.

Who should consider broad form car insurance?

There are several reasons broad form car insurance may make sense. Drivers might consider broad form coverage if:

  • You need the cheapest auto insurance available to you
  • You always drive alone
  • You drive an older vehicle that you can afford to repair or replace yourself
  • You don’t own a car and borrow one from time to time

Drawbacks of broad form car insurance include possible out-of-pocket costs to repair your vehicle, your injuries are not covered, and you cannot add additional coverages.

However, broad form coverage is better than no coverage at all. Around 12% of drivers are uninsured, and driving without at least the minimum amount of car insurance can lead to higher rates, fines, driver’s license suspension, and possible jail time.

What are other ways drivers can save money on car insurance?

Thankfully, there are other ways to save on car insurance than lowering your limits drastically with broad form coverage.

Car insurance discounts are one of the easiest ways to save money. Most insurers offer multiple types of discounts, so there’s something for everyone.

This table shows you common car insurance discounts from the top companies:

Car insurance companies also allow you to bundle your discounts to increase your savings.

Drivers can also consider raising deductibles or changing to usage-based insurance if they don’t drive very many miles.

How to Find the Best Companies for Broad Form Car Insurance

Broad form car insurance is not for every driver and isn’t available in every state. However, if you are looking for the cheapest auto insurance, broad form might be right for you.

Rates from the best companies for broad form car insurance are generally cheaper than liability-only rates from traditional insurers. However, broad form coverage is very limited and may not meet your needs.

Drivers can also save money on car insurance by asking for discounts on their standard coverage. These discounts can make low or full coverage very affordable.

Shop around and compare multiple companies to find the cheapest coverage that fits your needs.

Now that you’ve learned about the best companies for broad form auto insurance, enter your ZIP code to compare quotes from multiple companies near you for free.

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