Are Mazdas Reliable? A Complete Breakdown

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Manufacturers chose the name Mazda after the god of harmony and wisdom, partly because it sounded much like the name of the president of the time (Matsuda). Their first tricycle truck took the industry by storm, getting them attention worldwide. Fast forward to now, and Mada is one of the largest producers of vehicles around the world, with their most extensive markets in the United States and Europe.

Though they sell, are Mazdas reliable? Below, we’ll take a look at the Japanese-made car, helping buyers decide if it’s the right choice.

Are Mazdas Reliable?

One of the main reasons Mazda got and kept its reputation is its dependability. According to a survey conducted by MotorEasy, Mazda placed 19th on the list of dependable cars. In this analysis, cars are put up against one another regarding services and repairs needed and overall reliability.

When looking at non-electrical parts of their lineup of vehicles to the transmission, the Mazda ranks high. Compared to other top-rated brands, Mazda is ranked with other reliable brands like Lexus, Honda, Toyota, and Suzuki. This has made many buyers turn toward the Mazda, as it’s affordable and durable. The cars don’t seem to spend a lot of time in the shop getting fixed up and tend to stay sturdy, more often than getting repaired on the road.

In addition, though looks don’t speak much about performance, the Mazda is known for its sharp lines and sophisticated looks. Overall, Mazda is known as a reliable brand, but there are some areas where they tend to fall short.

Mazda Shortcomings

While many Mazda owners have positive things to say, there has been a bit of discrepancy regarding one part of the car. Though it’s not outrageous, reported that over 14% of Mazda owners said issues with their brakes. The braking system often receives the lowest score from many car manufacturers, as it’s a complicated part of any car system. Though there have been reported issues, Mazda still falls relatively high when put head-to-head with other manufacturers.

Another area where the Mazda struggles is with the axle and suspension. Many reports with ReliabilityIndex reported necessary repairs in as little as one year after purchase. This was reported in around 40% of Mazdas, which drivers should keep in mind.


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Most Reliable Mazdas

Like all car manufacturers, different models come with various issues because of their build. In the case of the Mazda, they have a solid lineup known for quality, but some models are more reliable than others. The most reliable Mazdas and the ones with the fewest number of reported issues include:

  • Mazda MX-5
  • Mazda 2
  • Mazda 3

Least Reliable Mazdas

Just like some are the most reliable, some are the least. When looking at reports and surveys from Mazda drivers, a few are less reliable among the Mazda lineup. These include:

  • Mazda6 Tourer
  • Mazda CX-7
  • Mazda RX-9

Getting Into the Specifics

When it comes to Mazda’s issues, they all differ depending on the model. Take a look at the problems reported with each model to see which one best fits you and your driving needs.

Mazda 3

One of this Mazda model’s most prominent reported issues is the rear brake lights. Over time, these lights tend to come loose and cause a rattling sound toward the back of the car. While this is the case with rough driving, drivers should beware before going over speed bumps or uneven terrain.

Mazda 2

This is a solid car, but there is a report about the fuel pipe. Because it hangs lower to the ground, it gets easily damaged, something that all drivers should keep in mind.

Mazda 6

The Mazda6 is a popular choice for many reasons. It seems to have the perfect mix between a car and an SUV, with its rounded back perfect for the additional space. Though it’s a popular choice, one of the biggest issues with the Mazda6 is the Diesel Filter. Drivers report that they often have to clean it out, as it gets clogged fast.

Another thing to watch out for is the Tire Monitoring System, which tends to be very sensitive. If you live in an area with fluctuating temperatures, your monitoring system could be extra sensitive, and you’ll need to get used to it.


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Mazda MX-5

The newer generation of Mazda MX-5 features a hardtop convertible. Though it’s more durable than the previous soft top, there are still some reported issues with the rear part of the roof. Many drivers say that they can hear air coming through, and it doesn’t quite seal all the way.

Common Problems with Mazda Vehicles

Overall, Mazda vehicles are reliable and will last for many years. However, some Mazda models tend to break in specific ways. Here are some of the most common issues you should know:

  • Defective clutch system – According to several owner reports, Mazda has a problematic clutch system that consists of faulty release levers, pins, and bearings. These defects result in premature wear of the clutch and eventually lead to failure.
  • Defective Takata airbags – It’s the largest automotive recall of all time in the U.S., and it includes many Mazda models, including the CX-7, CX-9, Mazda6, and RX-8. These airbags can explode upon deployment, causing at least 27 deaths worldwide.
  • Variable valve timing defects – Mazda models with L-Series engines are known to have defective variable valve timing (VVT), which may result in loose timing chains, oil leaks, and catastrophic engine failure. One of the first signs of this issue is the loud ticking noise when starting up the Mazda.
  • Shining and melting dashboards – The second-generation Mazda3 and Mazda6 have dashboards that are prone to melting. In addition, the melted dashboards become too shiny that they blind drivers due to the resulting heavy glare.

So, Are Mazdas Reliable?

Though there are some reported issues here and there, Mazdas are considered reliable. One of the main reasons is that costs are very low when it comes to repairs, and they don’t come around often.

They are affordable and, when put up against other cars of its price range, there are not nearly as many issues. The issues that some drivers have reported with the car are minor and don’t cost an arm and a leg to repair.


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Should You Take the Plunge?

When answering, are Mazdas reliable, we took a look at what drivers had to say. In case you have Mazda on your radar and are thinking about the brand for your next vehicle purchase, it seems to be a solid choice and one that’s not going to give you too much trouble. When purchasing a car, you want one for the long haul that will get you from point A to point B without causing a problem or breaking down. You won’t have that issue with a Mazda, just maybe a small thing here and there.

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